Meksen Appealing Decision Loss to Colorado Commission

Meksen vs Menezes Poster

Anissa Meksen posted on social media today that she is in the process of appealing her controversial split decision loss to Jady Menezes to the Colorado Combative Sports Commission.

Meksen, the former Glory super bantamweight champion, lost to Menezes at the Glory 56 event on August 10 in Broomfield, Colorado. The decision was widely condemned by fans on social media, and even Glory announcer Todd Grisham and Glory CEO Marshall Zelaznik disagreed with the judges’ verdict.

Under the Colorado Combative Sports Commission’s Combative Sports Rules, it appears that a remedy exists to have a decision overturned.

Rule 1.6 of the Combative Sports Rules deals with modifying a bout result.

A. Should the Director determine one or more of the following factors exist, the Director may request
a hearing on a result modification matter:
i. Indications of collusion affecting the result of the bout are present;
ii. The compilation of the scorecards of the judges disclosed an error which showed that the
decision was given to the wrong participant; or,
iii. An error interpreting the rules that may have resulted in an incorrect decision.
iv. A positive test result reveals the use of a prohibited drug, substance, or method.”

Basically, the Commission Director has the authority to request a hearing if there is evidence of collusion, scoring errors, a “positive test result” for banned or illegal drugs, or if the Director determines the judges misinterpreted the rules for scoring the bout.

Meksen and her team, lawyers, etc would probably have to complain to the Director, who could use his discretion to request a hearing. If the commission then decided to change the result, the split decision loss could conceivably be changed.

Athletic commissions, as a rule, generally don’t change judge’s decisions, so Team Meksen is probably facing an uphill battle.

If that fails, Meksen would happily face Menezes in a rematch, according to her tweet.

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