Mejia, Renita Unhappy With Scoring at China Event

Last weekend, Chinese promotion Wu Lin Feng held a WLF Cup event in China.

It’s an annual event by the organization that features top fighters from China, Europe, and Thailand competing in a group stage, followed by a semifinals and a final. The tournament takes place during the course of the year, with the finals in January.

The -67 KG bouts featured two match ups between European and Asian fighters.

Spain’s David Mejia faced Muay Thai champion Tawanchai and Stanislav Renita of Moldova opposed China’s Liu Yaning.

Both Mejia and Renita lost on points and were unhappy with the judges’ verdicts.

There have been some questionable decisions against foreign fighters in China over the years-last year Enfusion champ Jonay Risco seemed to clearly defeat his opponent in a Kunlun Fight tournament bout, but the decision was given to the Chinese fighter.

On occasion, Chinese judges seem to overemphasize aggression compared to clean scoring, defense, and ring command.

Mejia got the better of the action against Tawanchai in all three rounds, according to an article in Spanish publication La Tribuna de Albacete.

Nevertheless, the bout was declared a draw and an extra round was required. After the extra round, the judges awarded the decision to Tawanchai. Mejia is planning to appeal the decision with the promotion, according to La Tribuna.

Renita didn’t say he planned to appeal the loss to Liu but expressed disappointment on social media. Renita, who currently holds the FEA Featherweight Title and previously held the KOK belt, felt he won all three rounds.

“It was a beautiful fight that lasted three rounds. After the decision of the judges, victory was given to the host. We were aware that I ALL 3 rounds dominated them.” (translated)

Renita said he is back home and wasn’t injured during the bout, and is “moving forward to new success.”

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