MAS Fight Hong Kong: Unluck of the Draw

Results are in for Tuesday’s MAS Fight Hong Kong Grand Prix event, and there were no winners.


In the seven bouts on the main card, not one fighter was able to win via stoppage, which rendered every bout on the fight card a draw. Under MAS Fight rules, a fighter can only defeat his opponent by knockout.

Yodwicha Banchamek and veteran Yuyisile Colossa battled to a stalemate in the main event.

Brazilian MMA fighter Rodrigo Italo drew with Zhang Meixuan.

Full results:

28 May, 2019
MAS Fight: Hong Kong Grand Prix

Yodwicha Banchamek (Thailand) DRAW Vuyisile Colossa (South Africa)
Rodrigo Italo (Brazil) DRAW Zhang Meixuan (China)
Koji Shikuwa (Japan) DRAW Bo Fufan (China)
Johnny DRAW Wang Wenfeng (China)
Li Xiaohan (China) DRAW Mak Tin Yu (Hong Kong)
Quinton Arendse (South Africa) DRAW Liang Shoutao (China)
Liang Weiyang (China) DRAW Donald CHUNG (Hong Kong)

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