MAS Fight Announces Plans for Cambodia and Thailand

Mas Fight Logo

The Martialism Square organization (MAS Fight) is planning a weekly event series to be held in Thailand, with a TV series also planned for Cambodia. The promotion made the announcement on social media earlier today.

Until now, MAS Fight has mainly focused on the Chinese market, with events held in China and Hong Kong and one show in Thailand earlier this summer.

The organization has caught fight fans’ attention with a unique rule set. Under MAS Fight rules, a fighter can only win by knockout. If the fight goes the distance, it’s automatically ruled a draw.

The fighters wear 5-ounce gloves instead of 8 or 10 oz gloves, and standing submissions, elbows, and knees are permitted. Bouts consist of a single nine-minute round.

Events held earlier this year featured top names such as former K-1 Max star Artur Kyshenko and Muay Thai champion Yodwicha Banchamek.

In October, the promotion will hold its biggest event to date in Hong Kong. Chinese superstar Yi Long will battle Thai legend Buakaw Banchamek for the third time in about the organization describes as “The Rematch of the Century”. Both fighters have huge followings, and the event will likely attract big attention in Asia.

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