Lion Fight 45 Results

Chip Moraza-Pollard def. Mark Mackinnon-Majority Decision (Retains Lion Fight Cruiserweight Title)
Moraza-Pollard survived a late scare to retain his cruiserweight title. The defending champion started the bout well, using head movement to avoid punches and firing low kicks. The taller Mackinnon threw the teep kick regularly attempting to establish distance. Moraza-Pollard landed some solid low kicks in round two while continuing to apply pressure. The third round was closer. Late in the fight, Moraza-Pollard seemed to be breaking Mackinnon down, scoring with some good punches upstairs. Mackinnon though connected with a spinning back elbow that dropped the champion. Moraza-Pollard got up and cleared his head and was back in control before the final bell. Official scores were 48-46 twice and 47-47. Moraza-Pollard improves to 8-0. Mackinnon is now 9-4.

Steve Walker def. William Syripai- TKO 3 (Retains Lion Fight North American Super Cruiserweight Title)
Syripai had a big experience edge, but gave up huge height and reach advantages to the unbeaten Walker. Walker landed the better shots on the tentative Syripai in round one. In round two, a body shot hurt Syripai and a follow up punch upstairs dropped the veteran. Walker dropped Syrapai again with a high kick that was blocked later in the round. Walker countered a Syripai low kick with a punch for the third knockdown, before a body shot ended the fight moments later. Syripai used to fight at much lower weights years ago, but took the fight on late notice after Walker’s previous opponent was injured.

Jordan Harris def. Michael Triana-Majority Decision Lightweights/61.3kg
Someone’s unbeaten record had to go when East Coast fighter Triana met California’s Harris. Harris was the sharper fighter and prevailed by two scores of 48-46 while the other judge scored the bout 47-47.

Harris checked or moved away from Triana’s low kicks, and scored with some sharp punches. He tripped Triana a few times and scored with some step in elbows. Triana pushed the fight and scored more as the fight wore on. In the fourth, Harris dropped Triana with a spinning back elbow. Harris improves to 4-0. Triana is now 4-1.

Tom Evans def. Fernando Perez- Unanimous Decision 160lbs/72.7kg
Evans took the fight on short notice, and managed to get the win over Perez. Perez was the aggressor for most of the bout while Evans mainly looked to counter. Both fighters landed some clean punches and kicks, and there wasn’t a lot of clinching. A good Evans fifth round may have been the difference since the scores were not read. Evans evens his ledger at 2-2. Perez is now 1-2.

Ricardo Mixco def. Bizrat Asfera- TKO 2 126 lbs/57.2kg
Asfera’s first round as a professional is probably one he’d rather forget. Southpaw Mixco repeatedly connected with straight left hands on the taller Asfera, sometimes following his hands with hard left body kicks. Later in the round, Mixco looked to land elbows with his opponent on the ropes. Mixco continued to apply pressure in round two, and the referee gave Asfera an eight count. Asfera’s nose was bloodied and the doctor looked it over before allowing the bout to continue. Mixco continued his attack and the referee stopped the bout with 1:16 left in the round. Mixco improves to 2-0.

Note: The Hlavacek-Nagy cruiserweight title fight has been scratched from the card. Former WWE ring announcer Justin Roberts made his debut as the Lion Fight ring announcer. Lion Fight returns to Foxwoods on September 15.

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