Late Changes to Kunlun Fight 78 Line Up

Kunlun Fight 78 Poster

Some changes have been made to Monday’s Kunlun Fight 78 event taking place in Tongling, China.

Thai fighter Sudsakorn Sor Klinmee has been replaced in the second 75 kg tournament quarterfinal by Ravy Brunow of Brazil. Brunow faces Law Chosing.

Reigning tournament champion Vitaly Gurkov now faces Tan Xiaofeng, a Chinese fighter replacing original opponent Li Zhuangzhuang.

Zhang Yang will now face Regilio van den Ent in Quarterfinal 3 instead of Mergen Bilyalov in the last quarterfinal. Bilyalov now faces Huang Kai. Zhao Cun replaces Huang Kai in the reserve fight.

Basically, three of the original quarter finalists have been replaced (Sudsakorn, Li Zhuangzhuang, Zheng Zhaoyu).

Here is an updated fight card.

Kunlun Fight 78
Monday 22 October, 2018
Tongling, China

-75 kg: Winner Semifinal 1 vs Winner Semifinal 2- KLF World Championship Tournament 75 kg Final
-63.5 kg: Wang Kehan (CHN) vs Mallaury Kalachnikoff (FRA)-Female Super Fight
-75 kg: Winner 3 vs Winner 4-KLF World Championship Tournament Semifinal 2
-75 kg: Winner 1 vs. Winner 2-KLF World Championship Tournament Semifinal 1
-75 kg: Sun Weipeng (CHN) vs. Zhao Cun (CHN)-KLF World Championship Tournament Reserve Fight
-75 kg: Mergen Bilyalov (UZB) vs. Huang Kai (CHN)-KLF World Championship Tournament 4/4
-75 kg: Regilio van den Ent (NLD) vs. Zhang Yang (CHN)-KLF World Championship Tournament 3/4
-75 kg: Ravy Brunow (BRA) vs. Law Chosing (CHN)-KLF World Championship Tournament 2/4
-75 kg: Vitaly Gurkov (BLR) vs.Tan Xiaofeng (CHN)-KLF World Championship Tournament 1/4

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