Kunlun Fight: Official Results for Last Week’s Events

The Kunlun Fight organization held its latest events last week in Tongliao, Inner Mongolia, China in celebration of the Chinese National Day holiday. The three-event fight festival took place on three consecutive days.

Kunlun Fight issued a press release with official results for Kunlun Fight 85, 86, and 87. More information below.

Official Kunlun Fight Press Release
Last week, Kunlun headlined its events Kunlun 85, 86 and 87 Elite Fight Night to commemorate Chinese National Day and joined the jubilation with the whole country.

The promising star who was worthy to pay attention in Kunlun 85 Elite Fight Night was Wu Sihan, who bested 75kg Mergen Bilyalov in Kunlun 81, was dropped by Vasily Sorokin and knocked down to the canvas in the 2nd round. Wu wasn’t saved by the bell and the fight was called a stoppage 3rd round by the judge with Sorokin’s straight knee to the liver.

In Kunlun 86 Elite Fight Night, Dzianis Zuev continued his winning streak. He engaged with his opponent Ouyang Feng in an all gun blazing boxing contest, and Zuev apparently took the upper hand with superior conditioning and consistency. The fight went the distance with both fighters’ noses bleeding and Zuev won the fight by points.

Full results of Kunlun 85:

-52.5 kg: Chen Xinyang (China) def. Wu Yufei (China) by Decision
-60 kg: Huang Linbin (China) def. Hong Wei (China) by TKO
-63 kg: Zhang Songshan (China) def. You Long (China) by Decision
-65 kg Shang Xifeng (China) def. Xu Yanwei (China) by Decision
-70 kg Ilias Iliasov (Russia) def. Zeng Jiawu (China) by Decision
-75 kg Lu Wenlong (China) def. Farhad Mandomi (Iran) by Decision
-70 kg Aili Mulatebieke (China) def. Mamurov Akamaljon (Tajikistan) by Decision
-67 kg Lv Ruilei (China) def. Ahmad (Iran) by Decision
-75 kg Jamal Yusupov (Russia) def. Liao Shiwu (China) by KO
-77 kg Sorokin Vasily (Ukraine) def. Wu Sihan (China) by TKO

Full results of Kunlun 86:

-52.5 kg: Gu Jiayi (China) def. Sun Yuqiu (China) by TKO
-60 kg: Gao Zilong (China) def. Zhu Chang (China) by win
-63 kg: Feng Tianhao (China) def. Chen Xiaofan (China) by Decision
-65 kg Ran Junhua (China) def. Hu Erkang (China) by Decision
-70 kg Lu Jiahui (China) def. Li Shuai (China) by TKO
-75 kg Chang Juncheng (China) def. Chu Shihao (China) by TKO
MMA 65 kg Li Haojie (China) def. Rustamov Asadullo (Tajikistan) by Decision
-60 kg Ali Zarinfar (Iran) def. Wei Weiyang (China) by Decision
-70 kg Dzianis Zuev (Russia) def. Ouyang Feng (China) by Decision

Full results of Kunlun 87:

-52.5 kg: Sun Luyao (China) def. Bruna (China) by TKO
-60 kg: Ma Le (China) def. Liu Xiyuan (China) by TKO
-63 kg: Fang Kejin (China) def. Tong Kelei (China) by Decision
-65 kg Bian Mengchao (China) def. Lv Jie (China) by TKO
-70 kg Guo Wentao (China) versus Wang Zhang Lin (China) ended in a Draw
-63 kg Akhmedov (Tajikistan) def. Tuerdibieke (China) by Decision
-52.5 kg Kuang Fei (China) def. Shima Pezeshkiaghadam (Iran) by Decision
-75 kg Zheng Zhaoyu (China) def. Sosthene Umucunguzi (Rwanda) by TKO

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