Kunlun Fight Releases Fight Cards for Huge September Weekend Event

After an epic July event featuring Andy Ristie’s return and Vitaly Gurkov’s crowning as a two-time champion, Kunlun Fight returns in September with three events taking place on three consecutive days.

Kunlun Fight 82,83, and 84 will be held at Chishui Stadium in the city of Zunyi on the weekend of 13-15 September, which coincides with the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday in China.

The events will feature some of the promotion’s top stars, with both kickboxing and MMA bouts scheduled on all three fight cards.

Kong Lingfeng, who defeated Andy Ristie by extra-decision in a grueling affair at Kunlun Fight 81, faces Evarard Augustine at Kunlun Fight 82.

Kunlun Fight 83 features a four-man tournament to crown a KLF 70 kg Intercontinental Champion, with Dzianis Zuev, Artem Pashporin, Zhu Baotong, and Song Shaoqiu battling for the title.

Then on Sunday, Kunlun Fight 84 features more top Chinese kickboxers in action, and also features an MMA bout between veteran Nayanesh Ayman and Zhang Yang.

Official Kunlun Fight Press Release

Kunlun Fight will make a triumphant return on 13rd-15th of Sep. to Zunyi, China, with a stellar lineup of seasoned Kunlun veterans mixed with some young guns.

Kunlun Fight 83 will feature an Intercontinental tournament, which includes four Kunlun warriors to fight for victory and wear the coveted Kunlun Intercontinental title belt.

The four protagonists are: Russian’s Artem ‘Spur’ Pashporin, Belarus’s Dzianis Zuev, and two Chinese warriors, Zhu Baotong and Song Shaoqiu.

How To Watch the Event Live:
Airing Time: Sep 13 Fri 19:30 GMT+8/ 7:30 AM EDT/ 1:30 AM CET
Location: Chishui Stadium, Zunyi

The Full Lineup for Kunlun 82:
52.5kg Super Fight: Wang Xiyue (CHN) VS Zhang Siyu (CHN)
60kg Super Fight: Han Jiawei (CHN) VS Zou Huwei (CHN)
63kg Super Fight: Hang Zixin (CHN) VS Wang Shunli (CHN)
65kg Super Fight: Zhang Zihao (CHN) VS Ma Shuo (CHN)
70kg Super Fight: Lv Ruilei (CHN) VS Ouyang Feng (CHN)
75kg Super Fight: Liu Lei (CHN) VS Zhang Xiaoheng (CHN)
70kg Super Fight: Sun Yaowei (CHN) VS Zhang Ye (CHN)
71kg Super Fight: Evarard Augustine (AUS) VS Kong Lingfeng (CHN)
67kg Super Fight: Izzeddin Nafez (JOR) VS Wei Ninghui (CHN)
60kg MMA Super Fight: Valodya Ayvazyan (ARM) VS Zhang Meixuan (CHN)

The Full Lineup for Kunlun 83:
80kg Rookie Fight: Komsan Hanchana (THA) VS Wang Aogang (CHN)
KLF 70kg Intercontinental Championship Reserve Fight: Niclas Ricky Larsen (DNK) VS Liu Hainan (CHN)
KLF 70kg Intercontinental Championship Semifinals 1: Dzianis Zuev (BLR) VS Zhu Baotong (CHN)
KLF 70kg Intercontinental Championship Semifinals 2: Artem Pashporin (RUS) VS Song Shaoqiu (CHN)
67kg MMA Super Fight: Jair Roberto (BRA) VS Yan Xibo (CHN)
60kg Super Fight: Swasing (THA) VS Zhang Ye (CHN)
77kg MMA Super Fight: Mohmmad Naeemi (IRN) VS Zhang Lipeng (CHN)
67kg Super Fight: Izzeddin Nafez (JOR) VS Wei Ninghui (CHN)
75kg Super Fight: Seyedisa Alamdarnezam (IRN) VS Feng Xingli (CHN)

The Full Lineup for Kunlun 84:
52.5kg Super Fight: Zeng Xiaoting (CHN) VS Jiang Yalan (CHN)
60kg Super Fight: Yang Hua (CHN) VS Xiatekeale Wumanerale (CHN)
63kg Super Fight: Jiduoyibu (CHN) VS Davission Paixao (BRA)
65kg Super Fight: Liu Jiawei (CHN) VS Zhuang Weixin (CHN)
70kg Super Fight: Liang Yuanhao (CHN) VS Wang Baoduo (CHN)
75kg Super Fight: Chen Zijun (CHN) VS Mojtaba Davoudi (IRN)
70kg Super Fight: Jiao Zhou (CHN) VS Luo Chao (CHN)
75kg Super Fight: Panom Topkingboxing (THA) VS Ni Jun (CHN)
66kg Super Fight: Ahmad (IRN) VS Sun Zhixiang (CHN)
75kg MMA Super Fight: Nayanesh Ayman (COD) VS Zhang Yang (CHN)

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