Kunlun Fight 80: Heavyweight Tournament Line Up

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Kunlun Fight 80: Pay Day is shaping up to be an intriguing night of fights. The 70 kg Final Four is scheduled to take place at the event, and there is also an eight-man heavyweight tournament scheduled. British heavyweight Daniel Sam announced his participation today.

The tournament field includes Enfusion contender Martin “Paco” Pacas of Slovakia, Rade Opacic of Serbia, Sam, Liu Wei, hard-hitting Haime Morais of Brazil, and Asihati.

Roman Kryklia, last year’s runner-up, is also scheduled to compete. Kryklia was scheduled for a Tatneft Cup event on 21 February, but last week promoter TNA Fights announced he was not competing.

Iraj Azizpour of Iran won last year’s tournament by close decision over Kryklia.

Here are the match ups:

2018 KLF 100 + KG World Championship 1/4 Daniel Sam (Great Britain) vs Asihati (China)
2018 KLF 100 + KG World Championship 2/4 Haime Morais (Brazil) vs Iraj Azizpour (Iran)
2018 KLF 100 + KG World Championship 3/4 Rade Opacic (Serbia) vs Liu Wei (China)
2018 KLF 100 + KG World Championship 4/4 Martin “Paco” Pacas vs Roman Kryklia (Ukraine)

We’ll get the full Kunlun 80 fight card out as soon as it’s official. Kickboxing Z contacted a Kunlun Fight representative but has not heard back yet.

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