Kunlun Fight 76 Results: Wang Cong Mulan Champion, Superbon Advances

Kunlun Fight 76 Event Poster

Kunlun Fight returned with another big event in Zhangqiu, China. With a drone display before the fights, colorful ring entrances, and an entertaining night of action, the show packed a solid punch. Superbon Banchamek advanced to the “elite eight” of the 2018 KLF 70 kg World Max tournament, while Wang Cong can call herself the best female 60 kg kickboxer in the world after winning the eight woman tournament.

Wang Cong (CHN) def. Zhu Mengjia (CHN)-Unanimous Decision
(Wang Cong 2018 KLF 60KG Mulan Legend tournament winner)

Wang was too much for Zhu in the tournament final, using her in and out style and timing Zhu effectively en route to a clear points win. Zhu is a true warrior-she ate some big punches from Anissa in the semifinals, and also ate some big jabs and right hands from Wang. Wang snapped Zhu’s head back a number of times with clean punches, and even landed a “super woman” punch in round three. Late in the fight, Wang seemed to relax, knowing she was a clear winner. She is now in the record books as the 2018 KLF 60 KG Mulan Legend champion, and put on an impressive boxing display throughout the evening.

Wei Ninghui (CHN) def. Jordan Kranio (BRA)- TKO 2 66 kg Super Fight
Wei settled any doubts after his March draw with Kranio. Kranio came out working the low kick, and was doing well in round two when he was tagged with a big left hand upstairs. Kranio went down, and was soon dropped by another left. Wei finished off Kranio with a body shot, the ref stopping the fight on the three knockdown rule.

Fang Feida (CHN) def. Lin Qiangbang (CHN)- TKO 4 62 KG Super Fight
Fang countered a Lin kick with a left hand that dropped Lin in the extra round. Lin beat the count but was still wobbly and the bout was halted. Fang, a southpaw, seemed to have the edge after three rounds, but an extra round was called for.

Superbon Banchamek (THA) def. Nayanesh Ayman (COD)-Unanimous Decision 2018 KLF 70KG World Championship 1/8
In a bout postponed from last month’s Final 16 event due to injury, Superbon won a unanimous decision over Ayman to advance to the “elite eight” of the 2018 70 kg World Max tournament. Superbon stunned Ayman with a right hand punch in the third to score an eight count.

Wang Cong (CHN) def. Nili Block (USA)- Unanimous Decision 2018 KLF 60KG Mulan Legend 2/2
Wang set up an all-Chinese showdown with Zhu in the 2018 Mulan Legend finals, as she was too sharp for Block. Wang used movement and defense well, and got the better of the action. Block had a better third, but Wang was the superior fighter overall and earned a unanimous decision.

Zhu Mengjia (CHN) def. Anissa Haddaoui (MAR)- Extension Round Split Decision 2018 KLF 60kg Mulan Legend 1/2
Haddaoui seemed to be unlucky with the judges. After a close first round, the Mike’s Gym fighter began using distance, and seemed the sharper fighter. Haddaoui moved away from attacks, caught Zhu coming in, and seemed to land the cleaner blows. Zhu landed some good shots also however,and the Chinese fighter was coming forward. Zhu landed some good shots early in the extra round, but Haddaoui got the better of the action in the later part of the bonus round. The judges gave it to Zhu by a 3-2 vote.

Yang Yu (CHN) def. Daniel Stefanovski (MKD)- Unanimous Decision 86KG Super Fight
Yu threw a lot of shots early, with Stefanovski blocking a lot with his guard. Stevanovski began to be more active in round two and landed some good punches, but Yang was outscoring him. Yang scored with some nice low kicks and punches in round three, while Stefanovski also scored but not as often. All three judges awarded the bout to Yang. Yang is now 28-4. Stevanovski is 51-7(33).

Sun Zhixiang (CHN) def. Keijiro Miyakoshi (JPN)-Majority Decision 64KG Super Fight
Sun, 22, worked the body early with kicks and punches. The Japanese fighter started slowly. Sun used the side kick well defensively. In the third, Sun scored with some nice punches. Scores were 30-28, 30-29, 30-30. Sun is now 10-2. Keijiro is 24-1-9.

Wang Cong (CHN) def. Niamh Kinehan (GBR)-Unanimous Decision 2018 KLF 60KG Mulan Legend 4/4
Wang got the better of Britain’s Kinehan to earn a unanimous decision. Wang used an in and out style against the bigger Kinehan, and showed a nice arsenal of kicks and punches.

Nili Block (USA) def. Li Mingrui (CHN)- KO 1 2018 KLF 60KG Mulan Legend 3/4
Nili Block made a sensational start to the tournament, knocking out Li with a spectacular high kick. Block worked the knees well in the clinch, and then caught her at distance with the kick that ended the fight.

Zhu Mengjia (CHN) def. Ekaterina Vinnakova (RUS)- Unanimous Decision 2018 KLF 60kg Mulan Legend 2/4
Zhu won a wide unanimous decision, 30-27 on all five cards, against Vinnakova, who was making her professional debut. Zhu started fast, and also finished well with some good combination punching.

Anissa Haddaoui (MAR) def. Shi Lijiang (CHN)-Unanimous Decision 2018 KLF 60kg Mulan Legend 1/4
Haddaoui, the 2016 Mulan champion, won a unanimous decision over Shi, a 2011 and 2012 Wushu champion. The Moroccan fighter pressed the fight and showed sharp hands against Shi, who tried to fend her off with side kicks and got the worse of the exchanges.

Fazaraly Razanajatovo (MDG) def. Hao Yang (CHN)- Decision 66 kg
The card opened with an entertaining battle between Fazaraly Razanajatovo and Hao Yang. “Raz” seemed to have the edge, and won the decision.

Today’s event was broadcast on the KLF app, and also available on 8 Count TV, Fite TV, Elite Boxing, and Epicentre TV.

The next Kunlun Fight event takes place on Sunday October 14.

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