Kunlun Fight 75 Results

Superbon Banchamek made a successful return to the ring with a unanimous decision win over Dzanis Zuev Friday at Kunlun Fight 75. The Thai fighter used body kicks and knees to the body in close to rack up points on Zuev, who looked to get inside and score with punches. Three judges had the bout a shutout with scores of 30-27. The other judges scored the fight 30-28 and 30-29. It was an impressive performance by Banchamek who won handily. It was his first fight since a crushing first round knockout loss to Marat Grigorian in the 2017 World Super Max 70kg final in February.

Mergen Bilyalov MD3 Huang Kai-75kg
Bilyalov made an impressive debut, scoring with cracking kicks and hard punches on Huang. Huang hung in there and one judge had it even but was overruled by scores of 30-28 and 30-29.

Yang Yu UD3 Ishimbaev Linar-88kg
Yu won a unanimous decision by scores of 30-29 twice and 30-28. Yu was the busier fighter and pushed the action. Linar showed sharp hands but he never hurt Yu and did not land as many kicks as Yu.

Chamrat Ketleng WD3 Jiao Zhou-70kg (Muay Thai)
Chamrat did some great clinch work, scoring with knees and elbows in close. It looked like Zhou was wearing down in the third, but the Chinese fighter threw a nice spinning backfist and followed up with punches and kicks.

Chaimongkhon Sitsongpeenong WD3 Li Zihao-65kg
Chaimongkhon impressed in his KLF debut, as the Muay Thai veteran dominated Li to win a unanimous decision. The 23-year-old Thai had things all his way, controlling the ring and landing some solid kicks. Scores were 30-27, 30-28, and 30-29.

Law Chosing UD3 Tengnueng Sitjesairong-83kg
Law came out pressuring but some lefts from the Thai southpaw backed him off. Tengnueng dropped Law with a left later in the round. Law came forward and Tengnueng was content to lay back and potshot for much of the bout. Law’s activity got him the win by scores of 28-27 twice and 28-26.

Lu Dongqiang UD3 Italo Freitas
Lu controlled the slow paced bout. Freitas, a southpaw from Brazil, mainly looked to counter. He scored with some good inside low kicks, but Lu scored with some good shots of his own and was the aggressor. Scores were 30-28 twice and 30-29.

Lin Qiangbang UD3 Amnat Ruenroeng-61.5kg
Lin won a unanimous decision over Amnat in a bout that had its share of fouls. Ruenroeng had a good first round. Lin picked up the pace in the second, and Ruenroeng was warned for clinching repeatedly. Amnat was issued a yellow card for grabbing in the third, as Lin kept coming forward and pressuring. Ruenroeng went down after seemingly injuring a leg but got up and finished the bout. Scores were 30-27 twice and 30-26.

Zhang Yang KO1 Andronikos Evripidou-75kg
Southpaw Yang stunned Evripidou with a high kick, and finished him off with a right hook that dropped him face first to the canvas. Evripidou got up but was in no position to continue.

Lu Jianbo TKO1 Eiki-67kg
Lu blasted out Japan’s Eiki in a match up of KLF debutants. Lu was the quicker man and Eiki couldn’t deal with his hand speed. A left hook dropped Eiki and he got up but was dropped twice more for an emphatic first round stoppage win for Lu.

Sun Zhixiang WD3 Saranyoo Intharaprasoet-66kg Super Fight
Sun got inside on the taller Saranyoo, and scored with punches on the Muay Thai stylist fighting out of Saudi Arabia by way of Thailand. Saranyoo looked to keep distance with body kicks. Behind on points, Saranyoo came forward in the last round, and looked to land the high kick on Sun. Sun was tiring from the pace and also the body kicks landed by Saranyoo, but never in trouble.

Joao Ramos TKO3 Wang Tingkai-66kg (Muay Thai bout)
Macau’s Ramos seemed to have the edge going into the third round being the busier fighter. Early in the round, Ramos threw a punch combination and followed with a couple of low kicks that dropped Wang. Wang got up and was dropped twice more with low kicks giving Joao the win.

Bao Daxiang D3 Gao Bo-70kg
Good match up between two undefeated Chinese fighters. Bao dropped Gao in the first with a left hand punch, and was the counter puncher as Gao came forward. Gao was the busier fighter, following his punch combinations with low kicks. The judges scored it a draw. No extra round because it wasn’t a tournament fight.

First fight on broadcast was between two Chinese fighters. Wasn’t able to see the fighter names.

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