Kunlun Fight 74 Results

Wang Wenfeng UD3 Lin Qianbang-Wins KLF 61.5kg Tournament
Wang got the better of Qiangbang, dropping him twice to win the 61.5 tournament in an entertaining battle.

Wang Kehan UD3 Auriele Froment-63kg Super Fight Female
Wang showed good hands in a shutout win over France’s Froment.

Wang Yuhu KO1 Danil Vinnik-76kg Super Fight
Russian Vinnik looked to use an in and out style against southpaw Wang. Wang lined Vinnik up for a straight left down the middle that dropped Vinnik, and he was in bad shape. Referee Kim waved off the bout. Wang improves to 14-2(5). Vinnik is now 11-1-2.

Wang Wenfeng UD3 Daniel Gallardo-61.5 kg Tournament Semifinal
Wang won a clear decision over Gallardo. Wang picked off Gallardo as the Spaniard came forward with his high guard, and also hit and moved. Wang jumped in with knees on occasion, and fought from both orthodox and southpaw. Wang was quicker but Gallardo landed a good left in the second that appeared to get Wang’s attention.

Lin Qiangbang KO1 Jiang Feng-61.5kg Tournament Semifinal
Because both fighters were injured in their earlier fights, the fight was changed to one round. Lin didn’t need the full round. The fighters were feeling each other out early when Lin landed a spinning backfist that dropped Jiang. Jiang popped back up but a Lin left hook knocked him out cold. Lin improved to 20-2(8). Jiang is now 22-4.

Asihati MD3 Artur Gorlov-Open Weight Super Fight
After a slow first round, Asihati scored with some good punches to win the second. Gorlov seemed to win the third-he landed a couple of good left hooks to the body and some sharp punches upstairs. Asihati gassed late in the fight. Scores were 30-29 (twice) and 29-29 were the scores.

Artur Kyshenko TKO3 Timur Aylyarov-85kg Super Fight
Kyshenko’s big bombs finally finished the tough Russian in the third round of a bout that featured some good action. Kyshenko was getting to Timur and a combination punctuated by a left hook dropped Aylyarov. Aylyarov beat the count but referee Kim judged him as unable to continue and the bout was halted. Kyshenko improves to 72-1-12(36). Timur is now 14-3(6).

Li Zhuangzhuang SD3 Albert Kraus-75kg Super Fight
Kraus previously defeated Li twice by decision. In this fight, the former K-1 Max champion again seemed to earn a victory on points but the judges somehow favored Li’s flashy techniques over Kraus’s consistent pressure and steady scoring. Kraus put the pressure on Li from early on, jabbing and finishing with low kicks. Liu tried to fend Kraus off with kicks but Kraus was making the fight and landing more. Kraus also seemed to do the better work in the second, again punching and finishing with low kicks. Li threw some flashy body kicks near the end of the round. Li stood his ground more in the third, and the judges favored the local fighter over the Dutch veteran. Scores were 30-29 twice and 29-30. Li improves to 14-8(8). Kraus is now 89-3-26(48).

Zheng Zhaoyu TKO2 Fernando Nonato (BRA)-76kg Super Fight
Zheng showed his good hands in stopping Nonato. A right hand dropped Nonato in the first round, and Zheng’s punches had Nonato in trouble again before the referee rescued the Brazilian in round two. Zhang is now 50-12(11). Nonato is 34-13(16)

Jente Nnamadin TKO2 Bo Fufan-80kg Super Fight
Fufan is a straight ahead type of fighter and kept coming forward. Late in the second, Nnamadin connected with a strong right that dropped Bo. Bo beat the count but the referee stopped the fight. Nnamadin improves to 45-5(31). Bo’s ledger stands at 35-10(19).

Wang Wenfeng SD3 Cristian Spectu-61.5kg Tournament
The smaller Spectu had a tough task facing a taller and quicker Wang. Wang built an early lead, but Spectu countered a knee with a hook upstairs in the second to score a knockdown that wasn’t called. Wang returned the favor with a kick that also wasn’t called. Under Kunlun Fight rules, I think it must more of a definite knockdown instead of a flash knockdown.  Wenfeng got the call by majority decision.

Daniel Gallardo (SPA) UD3 Jiao Daobo-61.5kg Tournament
Gallardo lost the first round and didn’t seem fully focused, complaining to the referee about headbutts. Jiao was doing a good job with his jab and movement, and also did a nice catch and sweep. Gallardo had a better second round. Jiao seemed to slow later in the fight and Gallardo had his best round in the third. Gallardo is now 34-7(22). Jiao is now 24-7(7).

Zhao Chongyang MD3 Seksan Somai (THA)-61.5kg Tournament
Tough Thai Seksan won the first round with aggression, scoring with some knees to the body. Zhao was losing the second round also, but landed a good right hand and dropped the Thai. Zhao followed up but the bell rang. Seksan went back on the attack in the third-his balance seemed bad but he was still pressing the action. Zhao let his hands go late. Two judges scored the bout even, but Zhao won other scorecards to get the win. Zhao improved to 19-7(10). Seksan is an awesome 108-3-33(29).

Lin Qiangbang MD3 Taiga (JPN)-61.5kg Tournament
The judges favored Qianbang over Taiga in the first quarterfinal of the 61.5kg tournament. Qiangbang improved to 19-2(7). Taiga is now 20-6(6).

Jiang Feng WD3 Zhang Jinhu-61.5kg Tournament
Zhang is only 17 years old, and showed good skills but came up short against ex Chinese military member Jiang. Zhang showed a quick left hook and looked for jumping knees in the first, as Jiang pressed the fight. Jiang had a better second round. In the third, Jiang got to the teenager with his low kick attack, and also landed some good punches. Jiang improves to 22-3. The youngster Zhang slips to 13-5.

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