Kunlun Fight 72 Results: “Diamond” Tuinov Shines in Kunlun Debut; Toutouh Too Tough for Pales

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Bout 1: Luo Jie UD3 Albert Arutanan (65kg Super Fight)
Luo Jie set the tone early by scoring with some strong body kicks. In the second round, Jie landed some solid knees and low kicks. Arutanan took the fight on short notice, and his punches lost steam by the second round. The bout’s pace slowed late as both fighters grew fatigued. Luo Jie’s more damaging strikes earned him the unanimous decision.

Bout 2: Yuma Matsui UD3 Bal Lishual (65kg Super Fight)
Good fight. The fight got off to a quick start. Lishual landed some solid left hooks and the taller Matsui scored with a couple of jumping knees. Mastui dropped Lishual late in the first round with a flying knee. Lishual was cut over the right eye by Matsui’s strikes, and the cut reopened later in the fight. Matsui, a southpaw, began to land his left hand regularly in the second round, and also scored with more knees. In the third, Matsui continued to connect cleanly with his lefts and also looked to land the knee and left kicks as Lishual was tired. Scores were 30-26 twice and 30-27 for Matsui.

Bout 3: Zhu Baotong UD3 Takafumi Morita 2018 KLF 70kg World Championship Reserve Fight)
Morita, a RISE champion, started quickly but Zhu showed good defense and landed the harder strikes. Zhu began tenderizing Morita’s left leg with low kicks in the second round, and continued to get the better of the action in the third. Scores were 30-28 on three cards and 30-27 twice. Five judges are used for a tournament bout.

Bout 4: Tomoyuki Nichikawa WD4 Wu Xuesong (2018 KLF 70kg World Championship Qualifying 5A)
Nichikawa edged Xuesong by extra round decision in a hard fought bout. Nichikawa started fast and looked to land leg kicks. The taller Wu tried to keep him on the end of his punches. In the second, Wu came forward more and landed some good punches. Nichikawa pressed Wu in the third round, and got to him late, landing some solid body punches. In the extra round, Nichikawa edged Wu with his output as Wu was the more fatigued.

Bout 5: Vlad Tuinov UD3 Yassin Baitar (2018 KLF 70kg World Championship Qualifying 5B)
The 20 year old Tuinov made a solid debut, using his left jab to set up combos in outpointing the more experienced Baitar. A spinning back fist hurt Baitar in the first round. Baitar was content to counter, and landed some good shots but Tuinov was the aggressor and landed the better quality shots. Scores were 30-28 twice, 30-27, and 30-29 twice.

Bout 6: Hudson Rocha def Wan Jianping by guillotine submission round 1 (MMA Flyweight bout)

Bout 7: Guan Acul UD3 Silvia LaNotte (52.5kg Female Super Fight)
China’s Guan dominated Italy’s LaNotte, cracking her with left hands and landing side kicks at range. The quicker southpaw Guan also dumped LaNotte a couple of times with some nice trips. Scores were 30-27 across the board for the Chinese fighter.

Bout 8: Vlad Tuinov KO1 Tomoyuki Nichikawa (KLF 70kg World Championship Qualifying Group 5 Final)
Tuinov earned his place in the KLF 70kg World Championship Final 16 with a first round destruction of Nichikawa. The Japanese fighter is 16 years older than Vlad, and expended much more energy in his opening bout. The baby faced Tuinov landed some crisp punches before flooring Nichikawa with a left high kick. A jumping knee set up the second knockdown, caused by follow up punches. Tuinov continued to pressure the Japanese warrior, and a big right hand and left hand follow up scored the third and final knockdown.

In winning his two bouts impressively, Tuinov showcased the combination of craft and power that makes him one of the most exciting young prospects in international kickboxing.

Bout 9: Milan Pales KO2 Zhang Dezheng (2018 KLF 70kg World Championship Qualifying 6A)
After winning the first round with harder shots, the powerfully built Pales finished off DeZheng with a right to the body in the second. Zhang made it to his knees but did not get up and was counted out.

Bout 10: Marouan Toutouh WD3 Nayanesh Ayman (2018 KLF 70kg World Championship Qualifying 6B)
Toutouh’s superior craft gave him the edge over Ayman in the first two rounds. Ayman had his best round in the third, as he connected with some good punches as he came forward. Unfortunately for Ayman, he lost a point and was issued a yellow card for not making weight. Four judges scored the bout even at 29-29 but Toutouh advanced due to the point deduction.

Bout 11: Banmaduoji TKO1 Umidjon Musayev (MMA Flyweight bout)

Bout 12: Lin Qiangbang KO2 Vladimir Litkyn (61.5kg Super Fight)
Qiangbang scored two knockdowns with high kicks in the first round, and Litkyn was lucky to make it out of the round. Qiangbang dropped him with a left punch after a high kick early in the second. After another knockdown, the bout was mercifully halted. Litkyn was no match for the hard hitting Chinese fighter.

Bout 13: Mergen Bilyalov KO1 Zhang Yang (75kg Super Fight)
Kazakhstan’s Bilyalov made an emphatic statement with a first round destruction of China’s Yang. The southpaw Yang landed a couple of low kicks but Bilyalov then landed a perfectly placed right straight down the middle to score a knockdown. Yang got up but was dropped by a devastating right punch and the bout was immediately halted.

Bout 14: Marouan Toutouh TKO2 Milan Pales (2018 KLF 70kg World Championship Qualifier Final Group 6)
Toutouh had the tougher opening bout, and Pales seemed to edge the first with his strong punches. In the second round, Toutouh started to turn the tables and come forward, but Pales had him on rubbery legs with some big punches. Toutouh was the stronger fighter in the third, and dropped Pales with a big left hook to the body. After Pales arose, Toutouh continued to work the midsection, dropping him with a knee downstairs. Pales couldn’t beat the count and Toutouh, who hails from the Netherlands, earned his way into the Final 16 with a fine display of skill and will.

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