Kunlun Fight 70 Results-Drai, Nagbe Advance to Final 16

Kunlun Fight returned with another stacked card Sunday in Sanya, China. Victor Nagbe and Yohann Drai earned places in the 2018 70kg tournament by winning four man tournaments. Chinese female fighting star Wang Kehan showcased her punching skills in a win over Laetitia Madjene, and Wei Ninghui and Jordan Kranio went to battle in a tough fight that ended up a draw.

Yohann Drai MD3 Feng Xingil (70kg Tournament, Group 2 Final)
France’s Drai earned his place in the Final 16 of the 70kg tournament by using a consistent body attack to wear down Feng. Drai was cut in the first round near the right eye, but it wasn’t a factor in the fight. Feng landed a good left near the end of the first round. In the second, Drai attacked the body and knees from the clinch had Feng keep his gloves low to protect his body. The taller Drai used his jab to set up more knees and body kicks in the third and get the decision.

Wei Ninghui D4 Jordan Kranio(66kg, Superfight)
China’s Ninghui and Brazil’s Kranio fought a give and take battle that ended up a four round draw. There were some good exchanges in the first round. Kranio slowed in the second round but got his second wind and scored with some solid kicks and punches. Wei mainly looked to work his hands. In the bonus round, Wei scored with some good punches but Kranio did enough to get the draw.

Wang Wenfeng UD3 Giorgi Khupenia (61.5kg, Superfight)
Wang made good use of distance against the shorter Khupenia, stepping in with knees. Wang hurt Khupenia with a knee to the midsection in the second, and tried to follow up but Khupenia survived.

Kenta Yamada SD3 Weng Lei (66kg, Superfight)
Japan’s Yamada got a close decision over Lei. Yamada’s ring control was the difference, according to the commentators.

Yohann Drai WD4 Nikola Cimesa (70kg Tournament Group 2, Semifinal 2)
Drai outscored Serbia’s Cimesa in the extra round to get to the finals. After three rounds, it seemed Cimesa had the edge, but an extra round was given.

Feng Xingil MD3 Michael Kcmar (70kg Tournament Group 2, Semifinal 1)
Kcmar, a Czech southpaw with over 100 fights, began coming forward in the second round and seemed to have done enough to win. The judges gave Feng a majority decision to send him to the finals.

Law Chosing KO2 Sammy (Superfight, 77kg)
Hong Kong’s Chosing used his boxing to score three knockdowns and stop Sammy. Sammy, fighting out of the Banchamek Gym, made his kickboxing debut. The first round was fairly even until Law decked Sammy with a combination late in the round. In the second, Chosing rocked Sammy again with a combination and dropped him. After another knockdown, the referee halted the fight. Chosing improves to 2-5 in Kunlun.

Victor Nagbe KO 3 Hu Yafei (70kg Tournament Group 1 Final)     
Hu’s left leg was hurt from low kicks absorbed in his first fight, and Nagbe took advantage. Nagbe used his punch combinations to set up hard low kicks, and Hu took two eight counts from leg kicks before the fight was finally stopped in the third round. Hu was cut from an unintentional head butt in the second round. Hu fought hard but the leg damage was too much.

Wang Kehan UD3 Laetitia Madjene (Female Superfight, 63kg)           
China’s Wang, a former WLF champion, dominated Madjene to win a clear decision. Wang used her boxing skills, connecting with combinations to body and head. Madjene was tough, but on the defensive for most of the fight.

Victor Nagbe UD3 Elam Chavez (70kg Tournament Bout-Group 1 Semifinal 2) 
Nagbe had a big second round, landing knees to the body and punches upstairs after hurting Chavez. All five judges scored the bout for Nagbe.

Hu Yafei MD3 Shintaro Matsukura (70kg Tournament Bout-Group 1 Semifinal 1)Hu’s aggression won him a close decision over Japan’s Matsukara. Matsukara scored with low and body kicks, and finished the fight well. Hu scored with some sweeps off catching the leg, and tried a few spinning kicks that missed. Hu connected with a few good punches. It was a close fight, and the judges favored Hu’s come forward style.

Zhu Baotong MD3 Saeid Chahardouli (Group 1 Reserve Fight) 
Zhu landed some good leg and body kicks during the bout. Saied took advantage of Zhu’s low hands, and landed with some good punches in the third round. Zhu went down in the third from a right hook-left combo but the referee did not call the knockdown. It was a close fight, and 4 of the judges gave it to Zhu.

Kunlun Fight’s next event is April 1, followed by another show on April 15.

MMA Results
Begautdin Abasaov KO1 Hasiter
Mark Abelardo WD3 Yi Zha

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