Krush 90 Results

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Krush 90 Results
Krush 90 took place Sunday in Tokyo. In the Japan vs China 7 on 7 challenge, the Japanese fighters won six of the seven matches. Fu Gao Feng was the only Chinese winner.

Here are the results. Krush returns to Korakuen Hall on Sunday August 5.

Krush 90
Sunday July 22, 2018
Korakuen Hall, Tokyo, Japan

Kona Kato (JAP) def. Kazuma Takekoshi (JAP)-KO 1 Welterweight Prelim
Sekikawa Kazumasa (JAP) def. Kazuki Yamashita (JAP)- Unanimous Decision Lightweight Prelim
Yuki Miwa (JAP) def. Genki Adachi-Majority Decision Featherweight Prelim
Shuji Kawarata (JAP) def. Kota Nakano (JAP)- Unanimous Decision Lightweight
Daiki Matsushita (JAP) def. Joji (JAP)- KO 2 Super Lightweight
Naoki Yamamoto (JAP) def. Jan Yu Wang (CHI)- Extra Round Decision Super Featherweight Japan vs China
Hayato Suzuki (JAP) def. Ying Jin (CHI)- Unanimous Decision 64kg Japan vs China
Leona Pettas (JAP) def. Zhao Chongyang (CHI)- KO 2 Super Feather Japan vs China
Fu Gao Feng (CHI) def. Kenta Takagi (JAP)-KO1 79kg Japan vs China
Soda Yasuomi (JAP) def. Mong Guo Dong (CHI)-KO 2 Super Light Japan vs China
Daizo Sasaki (JAP) def. Wang Zhiwei (CHI)-Unanimous Decision 64kg Japan vs China
Hirotaka Urabe (JAP) def. Xue Shenzheng (CHI)- Unanimous Decision 58.5kg Japan vs China

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