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KOK made its Spain debut today with a big card in the city of Valencia. The event was broadcast on FightBox HD, KOK Fights TV, and new streaming service 365 Flix.

The fight card included two FEKM Spanish title bouts, along with KOK rules kickboxing, Muay Thai bouts, and MMA Bushido rules fights.

Here are results.

-78 kg: Islam Murtazaev (RUS) def. Omar Moreno (USA)-KO Round 1
Murtazaev cracked a body kick early and connected with a solid left hook. Later in the stanza, Moreno launched himself to deliver a technique but was clipped with a left hand and stayed on the canvas for a count. Moreno got up, but was quickly knocked down by a spinning back fist. For some reason, Murtazaev was also given an eight count by the ref. The fight resumed, and Murtazaev ended the contest with a kick that left Moreno down for a few minutes. The towel came in almost immediately.

“I’m very happy. I prepare very well. I’m very happy I win today,” Murtazaev said in the post fight interview with Daniel Austin of FightBox HD.

Murtazaev thanked his parents, friends, and family.

“I”m waiting for some good offers,” he said, when asked if he’d like to come back to fight again for KOK.

-81 kg: Victor Garulo (ESP) def. Angel Valdivielso (ESP)-Split Decision (Wins FEKM 81 kg Title)
Garulo was the more active fighter and came forward to score the win and earn the FEKM title. Valdivielso had his best moment in the second round when he landed a right hand down the middle after a jab. It was late in the round, and he wasn’t able to follow up effectively. Garulo kept the pressure and outworked the more experienced Valdivielso for the win. Garulo improves to 25-0-4. Valdivielso is now 56-0-4.

-63 kg: Nabati Kimran (RUS) def. Yassin Cheddi (Morocco)-KO Round 2 (High Kick)
Kimran improved to a perfect 22-0 with a second round KO of Cheddi. Kimran showed good quickness as he applied pressure to Cheddi. The Russian fighter was docked a point by the referee for illegally grabbing with two hands for a clinch. In round two, the bout was stopped momentarily after Cheddi complained of a head butt. After the restart, Kimran connected with a beautiful spinning back kick at long range that dropped Cheddi to end the fight. Cheddi’s ledger now stands at 20-0-5.

-66 kg: Mikel Sortino (VEN) def. Oscar Garcia (ESP)
Venezuelan southpaw Sortino pressured and outscored Garcia to win a unanimous decision. There were no knockdowns.

-94 kg: David Trallero (ESP) def. David Er Ramy (ESP)- Unanimous Decision (Wins Spanish FEKM 94 kg Title)
Trallero got the better of Er Ramy to win the Spanish title. There were no knockdowns. Trallero improves to 26-0-6. Er Ramy is now 20-0-12.

-59 kg (MMA): Wilbert Popa (PER) def. Alberto Ibanez (ESP)-Submission Round 1 (Guillotine Choke)
The shorter Popa got the takedown early, and ended up in Ibanez’s half-guard. Ibanez got open guard, and there were some scrambles before Popa locked in a guillotine and scored the win.

-63 kg: Angel Martin (ESP) def. Simo Saher (ESP)-KO Round 3
Martin pulled out the late win with a spinning back kick to the body that stopped Saher. Saher appeared to have the edge at that point, as he snapped Martin’s head back with some left punches during exchanges, and landed some nice body kicks. Martin improves to 27-0-7. Saher is now 29-0-4.

-60 kg: Hamza Boussalham (MAR) def. Ayoub Serigi (MAR)-Unanimous Decision
In a match up of young Moroccan fighters, Boussalham was too strong for Serigi. Boussalham landed some good jabs as Serigi tried to get inside. In round two, Boussalham followed his punch combinations with knees. When the fighters clinched, Boussalham was pushing Serigi around and appeared to wear him down. Serigi landed some shots here and there, but Boussalham had the edge and earned a unanimous decision. Boussalham improves to 21-0-5. Segiri is now 25-1-3.

-71 kg (Muay Thai): Carles Rocher (ESP) def. Elias Garcia (ESP)-Unanimous Decision
Rocher knocked down Garcia in round two with an elbow en route to a decision win in a hard-fought bout. A point was deducted from Garcia in round two for an illegal headbutt. Rocher improves to 4-0-3. Garcia is now 13-0-9.

-80 kg: Adiel Ibanez (ESP) def. Borja Traver (ESP)-KO Round 3
The first kickboxing bout of the broadcast was a battle between two tough Spanish fighters. The fight began at a quick pace. Traver stunned Ibanez with some punches, and Ibanez turned away before an eight count. Traver continued his attack and Ibanez regained his wits and looked to counter. Ibanez had a better round two. He connected with some clean low kicks and punches but Traver scored nicely with punches late in the stanza. In round three, Ibanez landed a coup de grace, a big right, and shoved a stunned Traver to the canvas. Traver was stunned and the bout was stopped at the 40 second mark. Ibanez improves to 23-0-6. Traver slips to 17-0-4.

-84 kg (MMA): Adrian Campos (ESP) def. Gevor Sargsyan (ARM)-Round 2 Submission (Rear Naked Choke)
Campos got the submission win in round two of a bout that featured a lot of grappling. Campos was able to get Sargsyan’s back a couple of times, but unable to finish the Armenian fighter before getting the submission late in round two. Sargsyan had side control on Campos earlier in the round but the Spaniard escaped.

-77 kg (MMA): Victor Azatyan (ARM) def. Adrian Borrull (ESP)-Round 1 Submission (Triangle Choke)
Borull took down Azatyan early in the round. The referee moved the fighters to the center of the ring because of the ropes. Azatyan was patient off his back and found the opening and locked in the triangle. Azatyan improves to 5-0-1. Borrull is now 1-0-4.

Artem Levin, the ACB KB Vice President and multiple time world champion, was in attendance.

KOK’s next event is on 08 December in Istanbul, Turkey.

Rytis Kuzmenka was the English language ring announcer, and translated for Islam Murtazaev in his post fight interview.

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