KOK: Turkey vs France in June

KOK Sakarya

Erkan Varol, the top Turkish fighter and official KOK Turkey Representative, has announced a Turkey vs France challenge for the KOK event taking place on 28 June in Sakarya, Turkey.

The event takes place at the Bayraktepe Arena, and will be broadcast on Turkish television and FightBox HD internationally.

Seven match ups were released. Here are the bouts announced-Turkish fighters are listed first.

-63 kg: Cengiz Lale vs Mouhammad Zahdou
-75 kg: Abdullah Kaplan vs Hirachidine Saindou
-81 kg: Ahmet Kilinc vs Vincent Durau
-75 kg: Mustafa Akdemir vs Jerome Valla
-71 kg: Furkan Karabag vs Souhna Mohamed
-58 kg: Ozgenur Avcil vs Allison Dissieux
-62 kg: Kerem Dincer vs Enzo Barcos

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