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KOK Sarkoy Fight Poster

KOK made its Turkey debut in the seaside city of Sarkoy Saturday. Presented by K-1 Max and Tatneft Cup veteran Erkan Varol in association with KOK, the event drew a large crowd.

Former amateur Muay Thai champion Irem Capar remained unbeaten with a decision win over Iran’s Malihe Mardi. In the main event, Turkish heavyweight Adem Ozdemir drew with the bigger Umid Namuratov.

Adem Ozdemir (TUR) DRAW Umid Namuratov (UZB)-Heavyweights
The main event pitted size against power. The Uzbek Namuratov had a 22kg weight advantage and was also a bit taller. Ozdemir meanwhile had 16 KOs in 19 wins, and almost four times as many pro bouts.

Namuratov came out and threw a spinning back that missed and also an axe kick, showing deceptive agility for a big man. When Ozdemir got close, Namuratov grabbed. In round two, Namuratov landed a solid back kick. Ozdemir became frustrated with Namuratov’s grabbing, and tossed him to the canvas. In round three, Ozdemir connected with a couple of solid right hands upstairs while Namuratov also landed a good punch and a couple of hard low kicks. Not much to separate the fighters in terms of damage scored, and with no knockdowns the bout was declared a draw. Ozdemir is now 19-1-3(16). Namuratov is 3-1-3(2).

Onur Teker (TUR) def. Alister Pulatov (UZB)-TKO 1 83kg
Teker improved to 6-1, all wins by stoppage with a first round TKO over Pulatov. The unorthodox Pulatov ducks his head after throwing combinations, and eventually ate a knee from Teker. Pulatov was able to get up, but the referee decided he wasn’t in a position to continue. Pulatov is now 7-3(4).

Burak Durgun (TUR) def. Adem Vargun (TUR)-TKO 2 Heavyweights
Two Turkish heavyweights battled as Durgan faced Vargun. Durgun, nicknamed “The Rock” looked to use his height and reach advantage early. Vargun appeared to edge the first round, scoring with a couple of hard low kicks and punches. In round two, Durgun countered a low kick with a big right hand that dropped Vargun. Vargun beat the count but was disoriented and the referee waved the bout off. Durgun is now 8-2(5). Vargun is 10-7(5).

Okan Bitane (TUR) def. Rahim Guliyev (GEO)- Split Decision 74kg
Bitane won a close decision over Guliyev in a bout that started slowly and didn’t pick up until later. Butane is now 6-2(2). Guliyev is 16-6.

Irem Capar (TUR) def. Malihe Mardi (IRN)-Unanimous Decision Ladies 60kg
The 18-year-old Capar, a decorated amateur fighter in Muay Thai, remained unbeaten with a unanimous decision win over tough Iranian Mardi. Capar landed the cleaner shots on the rough Mardi, including some hard low kicks and sharp punches. Capar improves to 8-0 as a professional. Marde, who also competes in MMA according to the commentator, is now 10-3.

Mert Akin (TUR) def. Hadi Norouziyanasl (IRN)-KO 1 Heavyweights
Norouziyanasl started well, scoring with some punches and kicks as Akin tried to get into punching range. Akin finally got close, and unleashed a flurry of punches with Norouziyanasl up against the ropes. Norouziyanasl was stunned and a big left hook dropped him flat on his back for a KO win for crowd favorite Akin. Akin improves to 7-5. Norouziyanasl is now 10-3.

Sinan Cagala (TUR) def. Mohamat Iso Ibrohimov (UZB)-Unanimous Decision 75 kg
After a close first round, Cagala gained an advantage in round two, scoring with some painful low kicks and dropping Ibrohimov with a high kick. Cagala couldn’t finish off the tough Uzbek after dropping him, and ate a good punch. Cagala seemed to have the edge again in round three, and won the decision on all judges’s scorecards. Cagala improves to an impressive 17-2(11). Ibrohimov’s ledger now stands at 12-8(6).

Tugce Fedakarturk (TUR) def. Gizem Islam (TUR)-Split Decision Ladies 59kg
The first ladies bout on the card was a hard fought and close battle between Tugce Fedakarturk and Gizem Islam. Islam showed some nice combination punching early. Later in the round, Fedakarturk landed a nice one-two as Islam moved in, and also a solid spinning back fist. She scored with a few spinning back fists during the bout. Fedakarturk landed some nice combinations and also body kicks as Islam moved in. The third round was close, and Fedakarturk’s better work got her the win. Fedakarturk is now 9-1(2). The tough Islam is 7-3.

Kamran Akhmedov (GEO) def. Muhammed Karabuga (TUR)-Unanimous Decision
Akhmedov was quicker and more polished than the less experienced Karabaga. Akhmedov landed a couple of good right hands and also a high kick in round one. The bout featured a lot of clinching, and both fighters landed some good knees to the body in close. Karabaga’s nose was injured and the doctors took a look. No knockdowns, both fighters had a point deducted for fouls. Akhmedov improves to 5-1. Karabuga is now 1-1.

Amateur Bouts
Arash Shafai (IRN) def. Mehmet Ali Altun (TUR)-Split Decision 61 kg 2 x 2
The more experienced Shafai spoiled Altun’s unbeaten record. Altun ate some clean punches as he walked in on Shafai, but later in the round the Turk landed a couple of good punches of his own. Shafai landed a spinning backfist early in round two, and a right hand appeared to stun Altun. Shafai also landed some solid low kicks during the bout. Shafai improves to 10-6. Altun is now 3-1. Altun made his entrance to arguably the greatest kickboxing rap song of all time, “Badr Hari Bad Boy”.

Muhammed Rahmani (IRN) def. Ramazan Capalar (TUR)- TKO 1 67 kg 2 x 2
Rahmani came out on the attack and landed a couple of good punches, and Capalar’s facial expression looked as if he was hurt. The referee stepped in and stopped the fight. The fight was over in less than 20 seconds. Rahmani is now 5-1. Capalar is 2-1(2).

The event was televised on kokfights.tv, FightBox HD, and also Turkish television.

Mustafa Ozben was the ring announcer and Daniel Austin called the action for the English language broadcast.

King of Kings returns on September 21 with KOK 59/Dream Boxing to be held in Kaunas, Lithuania.

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