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King of Kings made their Slovakia debut Saturday, holding a KOK World Series event at the Liptov Arena in the city of Liptovsky Mikulas. Fighters from some of Slovakia’s top gyms competed in the event, facing opposition from Poland, the Netherlands, Austria, and Lithuania before an enthusiastic crowd.

The crowd was treated to an All-Slovakian battle in the 71 kg tournament final, as veteran Vladimir Konsky faced rising teenager Denis Farkas. On the KOK Hero’s portion of the card, heavyweight standout Martin “Paco” Pacas impressed in the main event against Thomas Bridgewater of the Netherlands.

Vladimir Konsky (SVK) def. Denis Farkas (SVK)-Unanimous Decision (Konsky Wins KOK 71 kg World Series Elimination Tournament)
The main event pitted experience against youth. The 34-year-old Konsky is a veteran of over 110 fights. Farkas, 18, had only 21 heading into their finals confrontation. Farkas landed some good punches in round one, including left hooks to the body. Late in the round, Konsky started to work the low kick. The crowd chanted “Denis” to cheer on the young fighter. Farkas landed some good punches early in round two. Konsky had the higher workrate, throwing punches and ending with the low kick before stepping out of range. Farkas again landed some good punches in round three, but Konsky kept pushing forward. In the end, the judges favored the work rate and kicks of “The Terminator” Konsky. Konsky improved to 87-1-31. Farkas is now 17-0-5.

“Thank you very much for organization KOK. I hope coming next time. Thank you very much,” Konsky said, after being presented with the tournament trophy.

Samuel Hadzima (SVK) def. Cyril Pazitny (SVK)-TKO 2 (67 kg)
Before the main event, an all Slovakian battle took place in the 67 kg weight category. The two fighters traded kicks early. Pazitny looked to dig left hooks to the body. Hadzima’s blows seemed to be the more powerful. Hadzima landed the best shot of round one, countering a Pazitny knee with a left hook that snapped his head back. Round two started at a quick pace. Pazitny was given an eight count after he doubled over, moments after a Hadzima hook to the body. Hadzima started to land some solid shots on Pazitny, before throwing a right hand after a front kick that dropped Pazitny. Pazitny was on wobbly legs after he got up and the referee ended the fight. Hadzima improves to 20-0-9. Pazitny is now 12-0-9.

Irshat Gupurjan (AUT) def. Jozef Janotik (SVK)-Unanimous Decision (70 kg)
Gupurjan showed some nice boxing skills, throwing some quick and solid combinations, mainly from the southpaw stance. Gupurjan landed some good punches upstairs and also hooks to the body. Janotik looked to land kicks at distance, and also did some work inside with knees to the body. Gupurjan got the vote from all three judges after the three rounds. Gupurjan improves to 17-0-1. Janotik is now 36-1-5.

Denis Farkas (SVK) def. Jan Naus (LTU)-Extra Round Decision (KOK 71 kg World Series Elimination Tournament 2/2)
The two fighters studied each other in the first round, with Naus using feints and Farkas content to fight off the back foot. The tempo picked up in round two. Farkas mainly waited for Naus to lead, then tried to counter. Farkas best technique may have been his low kick. He landed it effectively a number of times, while Naus threw quick combinations of punches. Not much separated the fighters after three rounds so the extra round was called for. Farkas was the more accurate fighter in round four, and won a close decision. Farkas improved to 17-0-4. Naus is 14-2-4.

Vladimir Konsky (SVK) def. Kamil Pawlak (POL)-Decision (KOK 71 kg World Series Elimination Tournament 1/2)
Konsky advanced to the tournament finals with a decision win over tough Polish southpaw Pawlak, who was a tournament finalist at another KOK event earlier in the year. Konsky pressured Pawlak, and worked low kicks to the inside of the Pole’s leg. Pawlak looked to land left hands, but wore down as the bout went on. Konsky improved to 86-1-31. Pawlak suffered his sixth loss to slip to 8-1-6.

Milan Kovac (SVK) def. Kamil Sojkowski (POL)-Knockout Rd 2 (77 kg)
Kovac ended the bout with a big left hook at close range that dropped Sojkowski flat on his back. The Pole tried to get back up but fell back down, and the fight was stopped. Kovac improves to 9-0-4. Sojkowski is now 53-0-9.

Prior to the main card, the KOK 38 World Series Hero’s event took place.

KOK 38 World Series Hero’s Results
Martin “Paco” Pacas (SVK) def. Thomas Bridgewater (NLD)-Decision Heavyweights
Pacas is the taller fighter, and used his height and reach effectively against the tough Bridgewater. Pacas landed some hard low kicks and body kicks set up by punches upstairs. A Pacas right hook during an exchange knocked the Netherlands fighter backward in round two. In round three, Pacas turned up the pressure, and a tiring Bridgewater grabbed and held on. Pacas improves to 39-0-9. Bridgewater is 22-1-13.

Michal Gadzik (SVK) def. Patryk Magnucki (POL)-Decision (71 kg)
Magnucki, 21, employed a hit and move strategy, firing shots and then circling away. Gadzik applied pressure. By round three, Magnucki tired and Gadzik scored more effectively. Gazdik improves to 8-0-3. Magnucki is now 20-0-4.

Andrea Tothova (SVK) def. Ruslana Vyniavskaya (UKR)-Unanimous Decision (Ladies, 60 kg)
The taller Tothova sought to use her height and reach advantages. Vyniavskaya landed some solid low kicks and body kicks, but the cleaner blows came from Tothova. The Slovakian fighter scored effectively with left jabs and right hands, earning a unanimous decision in an entertaining battle. Tothova improves to 19-0-4. Vyniavskaya evens out at 5-0-5.

Jakub Sloviak (SVK) def. Stefan Sipos (SVK)-KO 2 (72.5 kg)
Sipos started aggressively, trying to rip uppercuts through Sloviak’s guard. Sloviak landed a couple of good low kicks following punch combinations. In round two, Sloviak had his gloves up to block a Sipos combo and countered with a punch that hurt Sipos. Soon after, Sloviak dropped Sipos with a left hook downstairs. Sipos went down from another body hook, and Sloviak ended the fight with a left hook upstairs. Sipos was down for the ten count. Sloviak improves to 14-0-2(5). Sipos is now 14-1-10.

Dream Boxing Results
Martin Orsuliak def. David Steimach-Unanimous Decision
Filip Barak def. Milan Hadba-Unanimous Decision

The event was broadcast on FightBox HD and KOK Fights TV. Daniel Austin called the action, and Rytis Kuzmenka was the ring announcer. KOK returns on Saturday October 13 with KOK 60 taking place in Tallinn, Estonia.

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