KOK Planning Heavyweight Tournament in 2019

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FightBox HD commentator Daniel “Don Roid” Austin interviewed Donatas Simanaitis, the head of the King of Kings organization. The veteran promoter, who once promoted RINGS events in Lithuania, updated Austin on the organization’s plans for 2019.

Simanaitis stated the organization plans to hold 20 events this year, including events in England, Holland, Germany, and Poland.

Fighters must be ranked in the top five or win a four-man tournament to qualify for a title shot, and a champion who “does not defend his belt and refuses to fight” will be stripped of the title.

The organization has also established four new weight categories, including a -60 kg category for men, and -55 kg, -60 kg, and -65 kg for women.

Regarding the -71 kg title picture, Simanaitis stated reigning champion Vitalie Matei of Moldova will next defend against Henrikas Viksraitis, the top contender from Lithuania who is unbeaten in over ten fights in the KOK ring. The Matei-Viksraitis championship bout is scheduled for KOK 69 on March 16 in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Another scoop was the organization is planning an eight-man heavyweight tournament. No mention was made of whether the tournament will take place on the same night as GLORY recently did with GLORY 62, or if the event will be spread out over two or three shows.

KOK is obviously planning another big year after a successful 2018, which saw the promotion visit Spain, Slovakia, and Turkey for the first time.

The next KOK event takes place on the 23rd of February at the Arena Riga in Riga, Latvia. The event will be broadcast on FightBox HD and the KOK Fights TV streaming platform.

Link to full Daniel Austin interview with Donatas Simanaitis.

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