KOK 57 Summer Special Edition Results

KOk returned to Cyprus for their annual summer show. The Nicos Solomonides Indoor Arena in Limassol hosted KOK 57 Summer Special Edition. Fans were treated to a night of action that included a terrific main event between Greece’s Georgios Moustakis and Georgia’s Levanis Revazishvili.

Georgios Moustakis (GRE) WD4 Levanis Revazishvili (GEO)-65kg KOK Rules
Moustakis won a battle of attrition with Revazishvili in the evening’s main event. The two fighters stood in front of one another trading punches and kicks. Revazishvili was getting the better of Moustakis in round one, but the Greek seemed to edge the second round. In the third, Moustakis landed some big right hands and continued to land some solid low kicks that Revazishvili visibly felt. With the bout so close, an extra round was called. Moustakis continued to land low kicks and the better punches to get the win. Moustakis improves to 11-3. Revazishvili is now 13-5.

Manolis Kallistis (GRE) KO1 Dimitris Tzeranidis (CYP)-60kg KOK Rules
Kallistis, 16, banged out Tzeranidis, 19, in a match up of two teenagers. A Kallistis left dropped Tzeranidis, who beat the ref’s count but was still on unsteady legs. Kallistis continued his attack and another left dropped Tzeranidis before the bout was halted. There was some controversy as Kallistis tried to kick Tzerandis in the head as Tzerandis was on the way down. Official time of the stoppage was 2:09. Kallistis improves to 9-4. Tzeranidis is now 24-3.

Loucas Manoli (CYP) TKO2 Klaudio Fabian (ROM)-65kg KOK Rules
Local fighter Manoli ruined Fabian’s unbeaten record, scoring a second round technical stoppage over the Romanian. Fabian appeared to injure himself in the first round and received an eight count, but the rest of the round was fought on even terms. Manoli landed some good punches on Fabian in the second and Fabian was noticeably shaking his left arm. The Romanian was not throwing his left hand much. After Fabian blocked a Manoli kick with his arm, he turned away and the bout was soon halted. Manoli improves to 11-5. Fabian is now 18-1.

Stefanos Argyrou (CYP) UD3 Danny Parker (ENG)-77kg KOK Rules
Argyrou rallied late to win a unanimous decision over Parker, an 18-year-old English fighter who resides in Cyprus. Argyrou seemed to edge the first round, as he was able to get inside and landed some good punches. Parker seemed to find his rhythm in round two-the youngster showed some sharp boxing and landed some good low kicks. Parker seemed to be controlling the third but Argyrou poured it on late, scoring with some big punches to get the win. It was an excellent fight between two young fighters. Argyrou improves to 15-8. Parker is now 6-3.

Giorgos Papadopoulos (CYP) TKO2 Kostas Markantonis (CYP)-80kg Muay Thai Rules
Papadopoulos earned local bragging rights in a match up of two Cypriot Muay Thai fighters. Early in round one, Papadoupolos started applying pressure and scored a knockdown with a left hand. Markantonis arose and soon received an eight count after another onslaught of punches. Markantonis used some grabbing to help survive the round. In the second, Papadopoulos turned up his attack with a flurry of punches before a knee to the forehead finished off Markantonis. Markantonis could not beat the count and the official time was 1:36 of round 2. Papadopoulos improves to 9-3. Markantonis is now 6-2.

KOK Hero’s Series Results (Not All Bouts Shown on Event Replay)
Elias Melikidis (CYP) TKO1 Oleg Hrustalovs (LAT)-60kg KOK Rules
The 18-year-old Melikidis got a warm ovation from the local crowd after stopping Hrustalovs in the first round. Melikidis landed a solid knee to the head that led to an eight count for Hrustalovs, and the bout was waved off. Hrustalovs took the knee in the eye area. Melikidis improves to 37-0. Hrustalovs is now 20-3.

Andreas Mavropoulos (GRE) SD3 Louis Markoulias (CYP)-75kg Muay Thai Rules
Mavropoulos landed some left and right punches in the third round to earn the judges’ decision.

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