KNOCK OUT: 29 April Results


The KNOCK OUT promotion promoted a fight card Monday in Japan. The event featured the final of its Asian lightweight tournament, and also some super fights.

Apparently, there were some late changes to the fight card. In the tournament final, Thailand’s Ido Rec O Pitisac defeated Chang Hyung Lee by unanimous decision.

 KNOCK OUT 2019 Spring: “The Future is in The Ring”
29 April, 2019

-Lightweight: Ido Rec Pet O Pitisac (Thailand) def. Chang Hyung Lee (South Korea)-Asian Lightweight Tournament Final (Pitisac Wins Asian Lightweight Tournament)
-61.5 kg: Hikaru Machida (Japan) def. Yusuke Iwaki (Japan)-Unanimous Decision
-50 kg (Ladies): Manazo Kobayashi (Japan) def. Jleana Valentino (Italy)-Unanimous Decision
-55.5 kg: Rasta def. Keisuke Miyamoto-Unanimous Decision
-64 kg: Yoshimichi Matsumoto (Japan) def. Tyson Maeguchi (Japan)-Decision
-64.5 kg: Yosuke Mizuki (Japan) def. Hiroto Yamaguchi (Japan)-Unanimous Decision

Source: Yahoo News Japan

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