Kunlun Fight Elite Fight Night Results

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Kunlun Fight held an Elite Fight Night event Monday in Tongling, Anhui Province, China.

Kunlun Fight regular Zhu Baotong defeated Xu Xiying in a 73 kg match up between two Chinese fighters.

Here are the results. If a fighter’s country is not listed, then he or she represents China.

Kunlun Fight’s Elite Fight Night Series continues with another event Tuesday November 6.

Kunlun Fight Elite Fight Night
05 November 2018
Tongling, Anhui Province, China

-60 kg: Hao Yijie def. Shi Wenkang
-63 kg: Zhang Tao def. Aleksei Starukh (RUS)-KO
-61.5 kg: Zou Huwei def. Meisam Ghasemi (IRN)-TKO
-70 kg: Ouyang Feng def. Guan Yirui-TKO
-66 kg (MMA): Ye Wen def. Li Jingtao-TKO
-75 kg: Chen Zhikang def. Zhu Yongxin
-70 kg: Jiao Zhou def. Wu Shijie-TKO
-73 kg: Zhu Baotong def. Xu Xiying-TKO

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