Danny Parker: “I Have So Much More to Come”

Danny Parker at Weigh In

Kickboxing Z caught up with Danny Parker to get the latest happenings on the young fighter’s career.

The teenage Parker made an exciting debut at the KOK Summer Special Edition in Cyprus in June, when he battled Stefanos Argyrou. Argyrou had a late rally to win a close decision in what may have been the fight of the night.

Parker then faced top Lithuanian fighter Sigitas Gaizauskas in a full Thai rules bout in September, but was defeated by an elbow in the first round.

The gracious young Parker, just 17 and with a record of 8-4, took the time to give an update on what’s going on in his career.

Kickboxing Z: Hi Danny, thank you for the interview, first of all. You got a third round KO win recently at the Sanda Fight Night II event in Cyprus. Was this Chinese rules? Tell us a little bit about the fight.

Danny: No, it was K-1 rules actually. I dropped him in the first, and finished the job in the third round. I enjoyed it a lot, as it was very important to me to get back to my winning ways.

Kickboxing Z: You fought for KOK a couple of times this year. You had a great battle with Stefanos Argyrou at the KOK Summer Special Edition in Cyprus. In September, you fought full Thai rules against Sigitas Gaizauskas, one of Lithuania’s top Muay Thai fighters. What are your thoughts on those fights?

Danny: Yeah, I had a war with Stefanos Argyrou for 3 rounds. I felt like i was ahead until the last round where I gassed out and couldn’t play my game.

And with Sigitas, I stepped up to fight him and it didn’t pay off. I wasn’t used to such a crowd and such a big event, and the stress got to me.

Kickboxing Z: You’re only 18. How did you get into pro kickboxing so young? Tell us a bit about your amateur background.

Danny: I’m 17 now, actually. I have only had a few amateur fights, and I rushed into the pro game too fast. But I’ve learnt from (my) mistake, and I’m gonna slow things down a bit more, and have as many amateur fights as possible.

Kickboxing Z: KOK is planning shows in England and Cyprus next year. Have you talked to the bosses about more fights with the organization?

Danny: No, i haven’t actually. i would love to fight on KOK shows, as i feel they’re the best in Europe!

Kickboxing Z: You’re a native Londoner, how did you end up in Cyprus?

Danny: My mother moved here when i was young so i have grown up here!

Kickboxing Z: Seeing you on social media, it seems like you’re not only a pro fighter but a big fan of the sport. Do you have any favorite fighters? If so, what makes you look up to them.

Danny: I like the real aggressive style of fighters such as Ramon Dekkers, Mohamed Jaraya, and Badr Hari. That’s what I want to fight like-always bringing the heat.

Kickboxing Z: That’s about all the questions I have for you, sir. I always ask fighters and coaches at the end if there is anything they would like to say or anybody they would like to thank. Any final thoughts?

Danny: Thanks for your time and interest in my career. I have so much more to come soon!

Fans that would like to follow Danny’s career can visit him on Facebook @ Danny Parker. He is also on Instagram @ _dannyparker.

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