Kickboxing Results: Enfusion #90 Antwerp

Enfusion #90 and Enfusion Talents #76 took place today in Antwerp, Belgium. The large crowd at the Lotto Arena was treated to a great night of action, with plenty of knockouts.

Cindy Dandois (Belgium) def. Elsira Amstelveen (Netherlands)-Choke Round 1
Dandois closed the distance and got a hold of Amstelveen and executed a judo throw, taking the full mount position. Amstelveen escaped and Dandois quickly locked in a triangle choke with her legs for the quick victory.

Enfusion Talents #76 Results

-75 kg: Soufiane Ballouti (Morocco) def. Steven van der Broek (Netherlands)-TKO Round 3 (Punches)
Ballouti improved to an impressive 23-0 with a third-round stoppage. The young Moroccan showed nice punch combinations and a good work rate. He backed van der Broek (12-2, 9 KOs) to the ropes often, and landed some clean hooks to the body. In round three, he stunned van der Broek with some punches for an eight count. He landed more punches and the referee stopped the match.

-67 kg: Yanick Chergui (France) def. Sammy Dauwe (Belgium)-Decision
French veteran Chergui (38-18-2, 6 KOs) did the better work to earn a points victory over the tough Dauwe (13-7-1, 9 KOs) in a match that featured good action.

-85 kg: Redouan Asbi (Morocco) def. Joey Smits (Netherlands)-TKO Round 1
Asbi (21-3-1, 7 KOs) stunned Smits with a left hook early, and a long right hand set up by a jab dropped Smits (73-11-1, 34 KOs). Smits got back up and the fight resumed, with Asbi pressuring. Asbi threw a combination with a right hand to the body knocking down Smits for the second time. Referee Joop Ubeda stopped the fight.

-85 kg: Ibrahim Boustati (Morocco) def. Mustapha el Barbari (Morocco)-TKO Round 2 (Exhaustion)
Boustati got the better of the action in round one. el Barbari spent a lot of energy throwing spinning kicks and became tired. He received an eight count, and the fight was stopped.

-70 kg: Engin Kutuk (Turkey) def. Anis Karkach (Morocco)-Decision
Kutuk (19-5, 8 KOs) was too much for Karkach (5-3, 2 KOs), wearing down his less-experienced opponent with punches and knees to the body. Karkach began to tire in round two. In round three, realizing he was behind, Karkach opened up early in the round and was knocked down by a counter right hand. Karkach was on unsteady legs and ate some good shots but showed his courage and survived the round.

-75 kg: Hafid el Boustati (Morocco) def. Murat Direkci (Turkey)-Decision
el Boustati (73-13-2, 23 KOs) prevailed over Direkci (71-14-2, 59 KOs) in a battle of veterans who competed at top level in years past.

It was a messy bout, with a lot of clinching. Direkci was the aggressor but el Boustati scored well with knees to the body at close range. Both men were cut in the bout, likely from accidental head clashes. Direkci did better in the third round but el Boustati was ahead on points after edging the first two rounds.

Enfusion #90 Results

-67 kg: Imran Ben Slama (France) def. Jaouad el Kebbabi (Belgium)-TKO Round 1 (3 Knockdowns)
el Kabbabi (18-7, 5 KOs) started quickly, but got caught by a right-left punch combination for a quick knockdown. el Kabbabi came forward and got hit with a knee-punch combo for the second down. Ben Slama landed a knee for the third knockdown and the fight was over.

-75 kg: Youssef Challouki (Belgium) def. Redouan Laarkoubi (Morocco)-Extra Round Decision
There was no loser in the instant classic between former champion Laarkoubi (68-11-4, 26 KOs) and Challouki (31-2-1, 15 KOs). It figured to be a battle and delivered the goods. After three rounds, there was no winner so an extra round was necessary.

Laarkoubi landed some good kicks early in the round, but Challouki kept coming forward throwing punches in bunches. Laarkoubi was able to slip a lot of punches. Challouki kept throwing and enough landed to win him a decision in a close fight.

-72.5 kg: Yassin Baitar (Belgium) def. Ali Mahki (Belgium)-TKO Round 2 (3 Knockdowns)
Baitar 83-13-1 (12 KOs) looked sharp in winning via second-round stoppage against Makhi (57-11-3, 17 KOs). He landed some crisp punches and hard kicks, and seemed to hurt Baitar with a body kick late in round one. A left hook knocked Makhi down early in the second round, and after an eight-count for Makhi from a punch, Baitar landed a high kick to knock him down again for the win.

-67 kg: Mohammed Boutasaa (Morocco) def. Ilias Zouggary (Morocco)-KO Round 1 (High Kick)
Boutasaa (75-1-2, 28 KOs) looked for the knee early against the shorter Zouggary (67-2, 41 KOs). Zougarry jumped in with a flying knee and then threw a punch, but got caught by a high kick that knocked him down and the fight was waved off.

-85 kg: Hicham el Gaoui (Morocco) def. Boubaker el Bakouri (Morocco)-TKO Round 3 (Nose Injury)
el Gaoui (55-6-1, 23 KOs) won via TKO after el Bakouri’s (56-12, 20 KOs) nose was injured.

-63 kg: Soufiane Kaddouri (Morocco) def. Hamza Essalih (Morocco)-TKO (Retains Enfusion 63 kg Title)

-70 kg: Nordin Ben Moh (Morocco) def. Milan Pales (Slovakia)-Split Decision
Switching between orthodox and southpaw, Pales (42-7-1, 16 KOs) pressured Ben Moh (96-7=1, 45 KOs) early in the fight. He landed some clean punches and kicks, as Ben Moh seemed off balance at times. Ben Moh scored a few good shots. Ben Moh started to land good punches in the third round, especially uppercuts, but Pales fought back and seemed to deserve the decision. The split decision went to hometown fighter Ben Moh, and some boos could be heard in the arena.

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