Kickboxing Results: Colosseum Tournament XVI

Top Romanian promotion Colosseum Tournament held its 16th edition Monday in the city of Sibiu, located in the Transylvania region.

The fight card was broadcast in Romania on Digi Sport, and internationally on FightBox HD.

Results and recaps below.

-65 kg (Tournament Semifinal 1): Adrian Maxim (Romania) def. Fabrizio Conti (Italy)-Unanimous Decision
Conti (6-5-2) tried to keep the fight at distance against the shorter (6 cm) Maxim. Maxim (26-4, 3 KOs) was able to outland the Italian to earn the decision, connecting with some good low kicks and left hooks. The Romanian was able to block a lot of Conti’s jabs, and countered knee attempts with looping left hands.

-65 kg: (Tournament Semifinal 2): Maxim Railean (Moldova) def. Levan Revazishvili (Cyprus)-Decision
Railean (41-14-3, 21 KOs) had a good third round to get the win over Revazishvili (10-3, 2 KOs) in the second semifinal. The fight seemed close after two rounds-Railean seemed to edge the first before Revazishvili had some good moments in round two.

-80 kg: Mircea Dumitrescu (Romania) NO CONTEST Alexandru Stan (Romania)
An unintentional headbutt cut short the match involving local favorite Dumitrescu (11-5, 1 No Contest, 5 KOs) who hails from Sibiu. The fighters collided heads near the midway point of round two, opening a nasty gash near Dumitrescu’s left eyebrow. Neither fighters landed any telling blows in round one, as Alexandru (2-4, 1 No Contest) fought off the back foot while Dumitrescu pressured.

-65 kg: Ionut Popa (Romania) def. Nicolae Pirutchi (Moldova)-Unanimous Decision
Popa (12-3-1, 8 KOs) won a decision over Pirutchi (11-4-2) in a close bout. A point was deducted from Pirutchi in round three for illegal holding. The referee warned him previously.

-80 kg: Adrian Voda (Romania) def. Robert Gontineac (Romania)-Split Decision
Things heated up in the third round of the all-Romanian battle between hometown fighter Voda and Gontineac. After Gontineac received an eight count after complaining of an illegal punch, he turned up the pressure and knocked Voda down with a spinning back fist. The fight was halted briefly after Gontineac accidentally landed a low kick to Voda’s groin. The action resumed and the fighters went toe-to-toe, with southpaw Voda landing a good left punch. He got the close split decision win to improve to 8-2. Gontineac is now 3-2 (2 KOs).

-77 kg: Flavius Boiciuc (Romania) def. Raul Kocsmaros (Romania)-Unanimous Decision
Boiciuc (29-8, 10 KOs) took control of the bout against the less-experienced Kocsmaros (1-1, 1 KO), walking him down and landing some good punches. On the inside, the veteran landed some clean knees to the body. There were no knockdowns, and neither fighter was stunned.

-72.5 kg: Andrei Vasinca (Romania) def. Andrei Serban (Romania)-Unanimous Decision
Vasinca (19-3, 5 KOs) mauled his way to a win over the younger Serban (3-3, 1 KO). With Vasinca fighting from the southpaw stance and Serban orthodox, the fighters clashed heads a few times. Both fighters were cut. Vasinca got the win but Serban showed some good skills in defeat.

-86 kg: Cosmin Ionescu (Romania) def. Flavius Nechita (Romania)-TKO Round 1 (Corner Stoppage)
Nechita (0-1) courageously took the bout on short notice against the reigning Colosseum Tournament titleholder Ionescu (17-3, 12 KOs). After some early action, Ionescu began landing some hard low kicks and some good body punches with Nechita on the ropes. Ionescu continued his low kick attack, leading to an eight count and eventual corner stoppage.

Ionescu thanked Nechita for accepting the fight in his post-fight interview.

“Each day, I’m preparing for everything, for everyone,’ said the champion, known as “The Silent Killer”, when asked what he’d like to see happen next.

+90 kg (Exhibition Rules): Daniel “Carpathian Giant” Natea (Romania) def. Roel van der Hoek (Netherlands)-KO Round 1
Natea, standing 204 cm tall and weighing in at a hefty 160 kg, made quick work of the Dutchman (195 cm and 107 kg) in an exhibition fight for charity. After van der Hoek threw a low kick, Natea connected with a left-right combo for a knockdown. A Natea left led to an eight-count, before the Romanian concluded matters with a left jab that knocked van der Hoek on his back. Natea is an amateur standout in Romania and was asked about turning pro by FightBox HD commentator Daniel Austin.

-65 kg Tournament Final
Maxim Railean (Moldova) def. Adrian Maxim-TKO (Abandonment)-Railean Inaugural Colosseum Tournament 65 kg Champion
Maxim landed some nice low kicks to the inside and outside of Railean’s leg in round one, but the Romanian started to tire in round two. Railean had his best round in the third, landing some good right hooks and left hands before Maxim tried to rally late in the round.

The bout was declared a draw, with an extra round to decide the winner. Maxim appeared either unhappy with the extra round or exhausted, because he left the ring! Railean was declared the TKO winner and is the inaugural Colosseum Tournament Featherweight Champion.

Daniel “Double Duty” Austin called the action ringside for FightBox HD and was the English-language ring announcer. Colosseum Tournament promoter Gabriel Georgescu also commentated.

The lovely Camelia Baltoi was the Romanian-language ring announcer, and translated during the Ionescu post fight interview.

The next Colosseum Tournament event takes place on 01 December in the Romanian capital of Bucharest.

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