Kickboxing News and Notes: Kickboxer Retaliation release, Saenchai, Indian kickboxer fights back against cancer

Here’s a few kickboxing related items as fans get ready for this weekend’s action. Krush and Mix Fight Championship are the two big cards of the weekend, and don’t forget to check our schedule for upcoming events.

Kickboxer: Retaliation

It’s hard to believe that the first Kickboxer movie came out nearly thirty years ago. I watched that movie in the theaters as a teen and really enjoyed the plot and fight scenes. It was like a Karate Kid redo with a Muay Thai theme. Jean Claude Van Damme moved on to bigger films, and the Kickboxer franchise continued for a few movies with lesser known actors playing the leading role.

The Kickboxer franchise was revived a couple of years ago.  Van Damme returned as a trainer/mentor type named Master Durand, and Alain Moussi assumed the role of kickboxer Kurt Sloan. In the latest installment, “Kickboxer Retaliation”, Kurt Sloan has to battle a 400-pound behemoth in an MMA match after being unjustly imprisoned in Thailand. Some big names from the fight game have roles in the film, including Mike Tyson, Roy “Big Country” Nelson, and Glory heavyweight champion Rico Verhoeven.

“Kickboxer Retaliation” will be available on demand and in select theaters on January 26.

Dennis Alexio. Van Damme’s brother in the first movie was played by none other than Dennis Alexio. Alexio is a full-contact kickboxing legend, who also competed in pro boxing and only lost twice in an illustrious career. Some of his bouts were telecast on cable, including Showtime, and Alexio was dominant over his competition in the 80’s and 90’s. Don “The Dragon” Wilson and Australia’s Stan “The Man” Longinidis were the only men to beat Alexio. Longinidis fought in early K-1 events and Wilson is another full contact kickboxing legend who later acted in a number of action films and commentated for the UFC. Sadly, Alexio had some problems outside the ring after his retirement, and was sentenced to prison.

Saenchai Update

The Glory star and Muay Thai legend will fight in Thailand Saturday.

Ready for fight on Saturday in Bangkok💪

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Indian kickboxer returns to ring after fight with cancer

Finally, a nice story on an Indian kickboxer who overcame cancer to return to the ring. Girish Gowda was diagnosed with cancer last year, but battled back against the disease and won a national title in New Delhi, India. The story can be read here.

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