Kickboxing News and Notes: Cor Hemmers, Superkombat, U.S. TV for Badr-Hesdy

Kickboxing News and Notes: Cor Hemmers, Superkombat, ESPNews

While the March 3 Badr Hari-Hesdy Gerges rematch is eight years in the making and a huge event internationally, the winner is not guaranteed a heavyweight title shot, according to Glory Head of Talent Operations Cor Hemmers.

“There is no immediately, automatically a title shot for the winner,” said the legendary former trainer, speaking Wednesday at the official fight press conference in Rotterdam, Netherlands “Let’s first look at this fight. After this fight, Glory sit down with the fighters and discuss what the future plans are.”

Heavyweight king Rico Verhoeven doesn’t have a defense scheduled, and the four-man heavyweight tournament scheduled for Glory 50 may determine his next challenger. Bennie Adegbuyi, D’Angelo Marshall, Guto Inocente, and Junior Tafa are scheduled to square off in Chicago on February 16, and its possible the winner moves to the front of the line.

Even though the Hari-Gerges winner won’t automatically earn a fight with Rico, Hemmers thinks the fight still carries a lot of importance to each fighter.

“Unfinished business,” he said, when asked about the fight’s significance.

“I think the most important thing on the line-it is a matter of honor.”

Superkombat Returns in March

Kickboxing fans around the world are familiar with the Superkombat promotion. The Romania based organization is known for putting on action packed events, and has developed a number of talented fighters over the years, including the Stoica brothers, Adegbuyi, and Marshall. Superkombat will hold their next show at the end of March, and fans stateside will be able to see more events on the CBS Sports Network this year, according to Superkombat president Eduard Irimia. The promotion is still hammering out their 2018 event schedule.

Badr-Hesdy US TV Update

At the beginning of Wednesday’s press conference, Glory lead commentator Todd Grisham announced that the Glory 51 main card featuring the Badr-Hesdy rematch will be televised live on ESPNews, ESPN’s mainly news channel that also shows college sporting events on occasion. It’s the first time a Glory event airs live on ESPNews.

ESPNews “reaches 85 million homes. We expect a huge audience in the United States as well as some of the big viewership numbers here in Holland,” Grisham said.

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