K’Festa Results from Japan

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K-1 held it’s mega event K’FESTA.1 Wednesday at the Saitama Super Arena in Tokyo, Japan. According to posts on social media, the event was a whopping nine hours in length and drew good ratings on Abema TV. Takeru won the 8 man super featherweight tournament, while Chingiz Allazov defeated Hinata in a super welterweight fight. Results are below. Apologies in advance for any errors in the names or results.

Takeru KO3 Komiyama Kosuku (Super Featherweight Tournament Final)
Takei Yoshiki KO1 Kubo Kenji (K-1 WGP Super Bantamweight Title Match)
Urabe Koya KO2 Wei Rui (K-1 WGP Lightweight Title Match)
Hiramoto Ren KO2 Kaew Weerasakreck (Super Lightweight)
Yasuhiro Kido UD3 Issam Chadid (Welterweight bout)
Kimura Minoru KO1 Hirayama Jin (Welterweight bout)
Chingiz Allazov KO2 Hinata (K-1 Super Welterweight Title Match)
Maasaki Noiri KO3 Tetsuya Yamato (K-1 WGP Super Lightweight Title Match)
Takeru KO1 Goshu Masanobu (Super Featherweight Tournament Semifinal)
Komiyama Kosuke UD3 Sumeragichi Koji (Super Featherweight Tournament Semifinal)
Nakazawa Jun MD3 Soda Yasuomi (Super Lightweight)
Gunji Taito UD3 Tosaka Takumi (Super Bantamweight)
Kana UD3 Polina Petukhova (50kg Female)
Roel Mannaart UD3 Antonio Plazibat (K-1 WGP Heavyweight Title Match)
Yuta Kubo UD3 Melsik Baghdasaryan (K-1 WGP Welterweight  Title Match)
Goshu Masanobu MD3 Dennis Wosik (Super Featherweight Tournament, Fight 4)
Takeru UD3 Stauros Exakoustidis (Super Featherweight Tournament, Fight 3)
Komiyama Kusoke KO1 Suarek Rukkukamui (Super Featherweight Tournament, Fight 2)
Sumeragichi Koji WD4 Urabe Hirotaka (Super Featherweight Tournament, Fight 1)
Oiwa Tatsuya MD3 Yokoyama Takumi (Super Featherweight Tournament Reserve fight)
Hakato Hayato KO1 Toshi (Super Featherweight prelim)
Kondo Kasei KO1 Hara Shota (Lightweight prelim)
Ruku MD3 Kato Kona (Welterweight prelim)
Sano Junpei KO3 Matsumura (Lightweight prelim)

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