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Karate Combat ventured to the One World Trade Center in New York City for their latest event. The invite-only crowd on the 102nd floor of the building, and viewers around the world, saw some of the world’s top karateka do battle in the “Karate Combat Pit”.

Dionicio Gustavo used ring generalship and looping right hands to decision Abdalla Ibrahim in the main event. Jorge Perez blitzed Spyros Margaritopoulos with hard punches to score a first round stoppage. American Josh Quayhagen got his first Karate Combat victory with a hard-fought decision over Vitalie Certan, a Moldovan residing in Portugal.

Dionicio Gustavo (DOM) def. Abdalla Ibrahim (USA)-Majority Decision 75 kg
Gustavo dropped Ibrahim in round two, and landed some good looping right hands to get the decision. The Dominican fighter backed up and looked to lure Ibrahim into shots as Ibrahim came forward. Ibrahim got taken down after he missed a kick in round three, and Gustavo was able to land a couple of good shots during the ground and pound period.

Luiz Rocha (BRA) def. Dimitrios Triantafyllis (GRC)- Round 2 Stoppage 67 kg
The fighters felt each other in the first round, with Triantafyllis looking to counter. The best clean scoring blow of the round may have been a Rocha jab. In round two, Rocha threw a spinning back kick that landed at least partially on Triantafyllis’ head. The Greek fighter went down, and Rocha followed up with ground and pound for the five second period. Triantafyllis arose, but was on shaky legs and the fight was stopped.

Elhadji Ndour (USA) def. Adilet Shadykanov (KGZ)-Unanimous Decision 93 kg
Ndour was the aggressor and landed the more effective shots on Shadykanov, who looked to counter. The referee called for more action a couple of times, as the fight was quite slow at times.

Jorge Perez (DOM) def. Spyros Margaritopoulos (GRC)-KO Round 1 84 kg
Perez started quickly and dropped the Greek fighter early, and after Margaritopoulos got up, he was soon dropped again with a huge left that left him flat on his back. The referee waved off the bout, giving the Dominican Perez a quick victory.

Josh Quayhagen (USA) def. Vitalie Certan (PRT)-Unanimous Decision 75 kg
A tough well-matched bout. Quayhagen dropped Certan during an exchange in round one. Certan defended the ground and pound, and soon caught a kick and did a beautiful sweep. Quayhagen landed some solid punches and low kicks (only allowed below the knee) on the Moldovan fighter, who now resides in Portugal. Both fighters were able to defend well on the ground. Late in the fight, Quayhagen hurt Certan with a right hand punch, and the end of the round may have saved Certan. It was a big win for Quayhagen, who had lost previously in other events.

Andras Virag (HUN) def. Adham Sabry (USA)-TKO 3 84 kg
Sabry had a good first round, landing some punches that busted up Virag below the left eye. Sabry got Virag to the ground a couple of times in the first two rounds, but couldn’t follow up effectively with ground and pound. Virag became more aggressive and had a better second round. Late in the third, a Virag right hurt Sabry and he followed up with some shots with Sabry in a down position. The referee waved off the fight, giving Virag the win.

Pedro Roig (ESP) def. Jesus Paucarcaja (PER)-Majority Decision 67 kg
Roig got the better of the action against Paucarcaja, scoring with some good punches from the southpaw stance. The Spaniard got a trip in the first round and Paucacaja went down after a Roig punch in round three, but Roig couldn’t follow up effectively with ground and pound in the five second period. Roig was defeated by Jerome Brown on a TKO at Karate Combat: Inception in April.

Fernando Moreno Paz (ESP) def. Gabriele Cera (ITA)- Decision 75 kg Prelim 2
The stream started with the last round of the second prelim. Spaniard Paz got the nod over Cera.

Sean Wheelock and MMA legend Bas Rutten called the action. Karate Combat: One World was streamed live and free on karate.com, YouTube, Fite TV, Daily Motion and other broadcast partners.

Replays are available on various platforms, in case you missed the action live.

The next Karate Combat event will take place in the birthplace of Karate, Japan.

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