K-1 World GP Japan: 30 June Fight Card

There is no bigger name in professional kickboxing than that of K-1, the Japan-based organization that started it all.

This weekend, K-1 presents its latest K-1 World GP event at the Ryogoku Kokugikan in Tokyo.

The fight card features an eight-man tournament in the super bantamweight category (-55 kg/121.25 lbs), as well as super fights and a super-lightweight title fight.

The organization’s super bantamweight champion Yuki Takei is participating in the tournament, along with Thailand’s Phetphangan, Sadegh Hashemi of Iran, and Spain’s Alex Rivas and Samvel Babayan.

Thailand’s Kaew Weerasakreck makes his first title defense since regaining the super lightweight title last November against challenger Anpo Rukiya, currently on a three-fight winning streak.

Here is the fight card (subject to change). The event is being broadcast in Japan on the Abema TV channel.

30 June, 2019
K-1 World GP 2019 Japan:
Ryogoku, Kokugkikan, Tokyo, Japan
Broadcast: Abema TV (Japan)

-57 kg: Kazuki Fujita vs Kazuma Takuda
-Lightweight: Jinya vs Hikaru Terashima

Main Card
-Super Bantamweight: Takaya Ogura vs Yuta Hayashi-Tournament Reserve Fight
-Super Bantamweight: Masashi Kumura vs Phetpangan Mor Rattanabandit (Thailand)-Tournament 1/4
-Super Bantamweight: Yuki Koki vs Samvel Babayan (Spain)-Tournament 2/4
-Super Bantamweight: Yoshiki Takei vs Alex Rivas (Spain)-Tournament 3/4
-Super Bantamweight: Shuhei Kumura vs Sadegh Hashemi (Iran)-Tournament 4/4
-Featherweight: Kaito Ozawa vs “Giant” Takahiro
-Lightweight: Fumiya Osawa vs Yuzuki Satomi
-Super Featherweight: Kosuke Komiyama vs Leona Pettas
-Super Featherweight: Tatsuya Oiwa vs Ryusei Ashizawa
-Super Bantamweight: Winner 1/4 vs Winner 2/4-Tournament Semifinal 1
-Super Bantamweight: Winner 3/4 vs Winner 4/4-Tournament Semifinal 2
-Featherweight: Haruma Saikyo vs Jorge Varela (Spain)
-Lightweight: Daizo Sasaki vs Fukashi
-Welterweight: Minoru “Phillip” Kimora (Brazil) vs Cruz Briggs (Australia)
-58.5 kg: Yuta Murakoshi vs Huo Xiaolong (China)
-Super Lightweight: Kaew Weerasakreck (Thailand) vs Anpo Rukiya
-Super Bantamweight Tournament Final: Winner Semifinal 1 vs Winner Semifinal 2

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