K-1 Veteran Going Bare Knuckle

2004 K-1 Las Vegas Grand Prix winner Siala-Mou “Mighty Mo” Siliga has been announced to compete in a four-man bare knuckle boxing tournament taking place on 21 September in New Town, North Dakota.

Siliga, 48, will compete alongside MMA veterans Rameau Sokoudjou, Mark Godbeer, and Jack May in the tournament, which takes place as part of the inaugural Valor Bare Knuckle event promoted by MMA legend Ken Shamrock. The event will be broadcast on pay-per-view.

Mighty Mo is a familiar name to longtime K-1 fans. After he won the tournament in Las Vegas, he went on to compete for the organization internationally, and fought numerous times in Japan and Europe, in addition to regular appearances on K-1 cards in the United States.

Siliga won an eight-man tournament in Hawaii in 2007, and faced a number of top competitors during his K-1 stint. He went the distance in losing efforts to K-1 World GP winners Semmy Schilt and Remy Bonjasky, and was stopped on a couple of occasions by Peter Aerts.

Siliga also competed for Superkombat and Kunlun Fight, and last year defeated Kengo Shimizu at RISE 129 in Japan.

In addition to kickboxing, Mighty Mo has also competed in MMA and professional boxing, where he was 2-1.

The Samoan won’t be able to kick since these are bare-knuckle boxing bouts, but his best tools were always his heavy hands, particularly a powerful overhand right.

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