K-1 Organizing World Amateur Open in Italy

K-1 Global is organizing an amateur event for the fall in Europe. The organization announced the tournament today on its English language social media channels.

The Official K-1 Open World Amateur tournament takes place between the 29th of November and 1 December at the Pala Badminton in Milan, Italy. Fighter applications are currently being accepted via email.

It’s important to point out that while many organizations run amateur “K-1 rules” events, they are not official K-1 events and winners are not recognized as official amateur champions by the K-1 Global organization. The Milan event is an official K-1 event as indicated by its title.

A Dutch K-1 Open which was approved by K-1 in Japan was supposed to take place last month in the Netherlands but was unfortunately cancelled.

Fighters interested in competing can apply via the email address on the poster.

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