K-1 24 September Results

K-1 Poster 24 Sep

K-1 held another large event at the Saitama Arena in Japan Monday.

The event included finals in the K-1 Koshien (juniors) tournaments, as well as super fights and an eight man cruiserweight tournament.

Sina Karimian of Iran defeated Boubaker El Bakouri by three round majority decision to win the final.

Britain’s Aundre Groce was eliminated in the quarterfinals, losing a decision to Hitoshi Sugimoto. American Brian Mcgrath also exited early, losing by first round stoppage.

There were 19 fights on the card overall, including the prelims and Koshien finals.

Here are the results.

K-1 World GP Japan
“First Cruiserweight Title Determination”
Monday September 24
Saitama Super Arena-Community Arena
Tokyo, Japan

Sina Karimian (IRN) def. Boubaker El Bakouri (MAR)-Majority Decision (Karimian Wins K-1 Cruiserweight Tournament)
Takeru (JPN) def. Daniel Puertas-KO 1 Super Featherweights
Yuki Takei (JPN) def. Akram Hamidi (FRA)-KO 1 Super Bantamweights
Koji Sumeragichi (JPN) def. Stauros Exakoustidis (GRC)- Extension Round Super Featherweights
Boubaker El Bakouri def. Hitoshi Sugimoto-KO 2 Cruiserweight Tournament Semifinal 2/2
Sina Karimian def. Keiji-Unanimous Decision K-1 Cruiserweight Tournament Semifinal 1/2
Ryusei Ashizawa (JPN) def. Kaito Ozawa (JPN)-Unanimous Decision Featherweight
Anpo Rukiya def. Kenta Hayashi (JPN)- KO 3 Lightweights
Suarek Rukkukamui (THA) def. Masanobu Goshu (JPN)-Unanimous Decision Super Featherweights
Boubaker El Bakouri (MAR) def. Makoto Uehara (JPN)-KO 1 K-1 Cruiserweight Tournament 4/4
Hitoshi Sugimoto (JPN) def. Aundre Groce (GBR)- Unanimous Decision K-1 Cruiserweight Tournament 3/4
Keiji (JPN) def. Brian McGrath (USA)-KO 1 K-1 Cruiserweight Tournament 2/4
Sina Karimian (IRN) def. “OD Ken” (JPN)-KO 1 K-1 Cruiserweight Tournament 1/4
Rui (JPN) def. Taichi Furuta (JPN)- KO 3 K-1 Cruiserweight Tournament Reserve Fight
Kaori Kondo def. Ryuka Ohba-Unanimous Decision K-1 Koshien 65kg Tournament Final
Takuya Yamaura def. Shimizu Takashige-Unanimous Decision K-1 Koshien 60kg Tournament Final
Kazuma Takada def. Kujimi Rui- KO 3 K-1 Koshien 55kg Tournament Final
Hisaki Higashimoto (JPN) def. Shuji Kawarada (JPN)-Majority Decision Lightweights Prelim
Naoki Ogura (JPN) def. Ryota (JPN)- KO 1 Super Bantamweights Prelim

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