Interview: DSF Champion “Iron” Jan Lodzik (By Pawel Sawicki)

Jan Lodzik Ring Walk

DSF Kickboxing Challenge under 65 kg division champion, Jan Lodzik is facing Mateusz Rajewski on Thursday on DSF Kickboxing Challenge 19 in Warsaw. We spoke to Jan about third fight against Rajewski, his preparations and planned fights on Kunlun events.

– Hello Jan! You are going to face Mateusz Rajewski for the third time. You won two previous fights. There is anything to prove in the third fight for You?

– Hello everybody! Like You said I am going to fight Mateusz Rajewski on Thursday and it will be our third fight. I won both previous fights and there is a ‘trilogy’. Mateusz earned title shot by wining the fights so I can not refuse him. He is great fighter and I think he gave me my toughest tests in my career so far. I am not going to underestimate him. I will do my best and I am going to leave a big mark on this rivalry. Previous fights was so close but this time it will be different. I think I am able to stop him on Thursday.

– You train with Andrei Molchanov, 9-time Muay Thai world champion. He was expelled from Uniq Fight Club. Where do You train now?

– We are training in Sparta Warsaw. We have a good crew of guys in lightweight. I train with DSF Kickboxing Challenge and Granda Pro fighter, Patryk Malecki and some not known guys in Poland, who achieve some good results in amateur competition. We were working very hard to simulate Mateusz’s style and I am well-prepared for this fight. You will see the effects of my preparations on Thursday. Do not blink.

– DSF under 70 kg champion, Jarek Daschke is not big lightweight. Do You mind if organization will try to match You with him?

– I hope it will happen sooner than later. Jarek is great fighter, he has shocked Poland when he has defeated Glory and Enfusion vet, Rafal Dudek. I think organization will test him against next 2 or 3 opponents and then we will see. If I will be a champion and he remains a champion I would be glad to fight him. I think I could attack his crown in 70 kg division.

– I heard some rumors about Your participation in next Kunlun tournament. Does it true?

– Yes, my trainer Andrei is in touch with Kunlun matchmaker and we will see what future brings to us. I heard that Kunlun plans to start the tournament under 61,5 kg division. I am able to cut the weight down to this limit and I hope I will be considered as a one of the fighters to participate in it. It would be a my dream to fight in this organization, They do great shows like golden era K-1 shows. I hope You will see me in China and I will bring You a lot of fun.

Pawel Sawicki is a commentator for DSF Kickboxing Challenge and an Eastern Europe contributor for Kickboxing Z. Mr. Suwicki’s work was previously featured on top kickboxing news site Kickboxing Planet.

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