Danny Parker: “I am Getting Stronger and Faster”

Parker celebrates win

KickboxingZ caught up with rising star Danny Parker to see what’s going on with the young fighter’s career.

When we last spoke to Parker in December, Danny had just won a bout by TKO. The win got Parker back on the winning track after a tough stoppage defeat to top Lithuanian muay thai fighter Sigitas Gaizauskas at a KOK event in Kaunas, Lithuania.

Since then, the 17-year-old won his first title and improved his record to 9-5.

A London native who moved to Cyprus with his mother when he was a child, Parker trains and fights out of the Team Akopian gym in Cyprus.

Read on to catch Danny’s thoughts on his latest victory, his progress in the sport, and his next fight.

KickboxingZ: Congratulations on your victory. This past Friday in Nicosia, Cyprus, you defeated Dimitris Apostolides by third-round stoppage to win a WKN Title.

What are your thoughts on the fight?

Danny: The fight was great. I got a bit too aggressive, and didn’t fight as calm and pick my shots as I would want to in the first round, but after that I was starting to hurt him with good shots.

KickboxingZ: You were pretty active on social media about the match, and seemed really excited. I noticed you were a featured fighter and attended the press conference.

How was the whole experience?

Danny: Yeah, it was a big deal for me as it was my first title fight, and I wanted to win so bad as I had a lot of people supporting me!

The whole experience was great, and I feel I’m getting more comfortable in the ring the more I fight.

KickboxingZ: When we did our last interview, you said you regretted turning pro so young because you felt like you rushed into the pro game. You mentioned you wanted to slow down so you could spend more time improving your skills.

Danny: Yeah, I was young turning pro at 16 with about 10 amateur fights, and fighting people older and with a lot more experience. But it helped me learn and grow faster. Now I feel I am getting matched a lot better and smarter.

KickboxingZ: Is that something you’ve worked a lot on since December?

Danny: Yes, that is right, and I have got a lot better with my trainer Arturos Akopian. He spends a lot of time correcting me and cleaning and sharpening up my game, and I feel I am getting more stronger and faster day by day.

KickboxingZ: You’ll be back in the ring next month at the KOK World Series summer event in Cyprus. How do you feel about fighting for KOK again, and back in Cyprus?

Danny: Yeah, I am fighting an experienced fighter from Greece (Alexandros Mavromatidis) and I can’t wait for it. I always love fighting on the KOK shows, as I feel they are one of the best in Europe!

KickboxingZ: You’ve fought both K-1 rules and full-rules Muay Thai. Are you focusing right now on K-1 rules, or are you still fighting in both disciplines?

Danny: No, I am strictly K-1 now. It’s all I think about, and my only goal is to go as far as I can in kickboxing K-1 rules.

KickboxingZ: That’s about all the questions I have. I always appreciate your time.

Is there anything else you’d like to say, or anyone you’d like to thank?

Danny: That’s all I’ve got to say. I am preparing hard for my next fight and back training hard. I would like to thank my trainer Arturos Akopian and Chris A. Christodolou for the opportunity to fight for the WKN Pro-Am title.

Danny Parker with Belt

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