Hesdy Gerges: “I am Officially Accquitted”

Hesdy Gerges Weigh-In Pose

Former It’s Showtime Heavyweight Champion and longtime Glory contender Hesdy Gerges says he is “officially acquitted” of the doping accusations leveled against him by doping authorities in the Netherlands.

According to Gerges, doping control and Glory Kickboxing failed to file an appeal by 28 August of a previous ruling that cleared Gerges, effectively ending the case in his favor.

Gerges tested positive for a banned substance after a bout with Badr Hari in March 2018. The fighter staunchly maintained his innocence, and said he even paid €500 out of his own pocket to get his “B” sample tested.

According to Gerges, the drug tests indicated the presence of a “non-performance-promoting substance”, and he refused to sign a written letter of reprimand from the Dutch doping agency.

The case went to trial in June. A judge ruled doping authorities could not prove their case against the Dutch-Egyptian warrior, Gerges wrote in an Instagram post.

With the deadline for doping control and GLORY to appeal the case expired, the doping allegations can effectively be put to rest, and Gerges has beaten the charge which hung over the fighter’s head since the story was first reported in late January.

Four fighters were named in the Dutch media report. Hari and Brazilian light heavyweight Ariel Machado received 19-month and 20-month suspensions, while Croatian heavyweight Mladen Brestovac received an “official reprimand”.

Gerges was the only fighter of the four to dispute the charges and be acquitted.

“August 28 was the last day that the doping authorities and @glorykickboxing could appeal against the acquittal of my doping case. This did not happen, so I am officially acquitted and did not receive any punishment for anything like I said,” Gerges wrote on Instagram.

“Last man standing! Fuck you all! Pay me my fucking winbonus! #FIGHTERHEART Make sure that many people share this,” he continued (edited).

After the Hari loss, Gerges parted ways with Glory, and he currently competes in MMA for the Bellator organization.

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