Hesdy Gerges Hopeful for Third Hari Fight

Heavyweight contender Hesdy Gerges is hopeful he’ll get another crack at Badr Hari after losing a decision in their long awaited rematch Saturday at Glory 51.

“I said I’m going to bring a war. I did. I think the first round was mine. I give him problems 2 or 3 times in the fight. He don’t give me any problems but he make his points and I think it was really close,” Gerges said in an interview with the GLORY Kickboxing YouTube channel.

The fight was a bruising three round battle. Hari started well, using his jab to set up body kicks. Gerges was patient early, and landed a couple of good body shots and low kicks later in the round. Around the midway point of the fight, Hari established control and he continued his body attack in the third round as Gerges tired. Gerges tried a high head kick late that was blocked, and Hari’s greater output earned him a unanimous decision. Gerges said the real winners were the fans.

“ I think the fans enjoyed the fight. I think when we fight for the third time, also the people will like to see it because both times were good fights,” he said.

“I think people want to see this. Two fighters-both fighters from the street who don’t care about nothing and just fight. We leave everything inside the ring. I think the big winner was the fans. I think they enjoy it. We are entertainers in the end so I think we entertained the people very well today.”

Not discouraged by the loss, the Egyptian fighter is already making plans for his next match.

“I’m not finished yet. Recover for one week, and then we go back into the gym and I’ll train again for the next fight. I’m looking forward already,” he said.

“I’m a fighter. This is when I feel when I’m alive. I’m a fighter from my heart. I enjoy this. This is my work. That’s my name-Fighterheart. And I’m not done yet.”

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