Gurkov Praises Oliveira, “Ready to Continue”

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ACB Kickboxing caught up with Vitaly “The Patriot” Gurkov recently to discuss his bout with Jonatan Oliveira.

Gurkov, a former Tatneft Cup finalist and Kunlun Fight 75 kg tournament winner, was upset by Glory veteran Jonatan Oliveira at ACB KB 17 on August 5. Oliveira had the Belorussian fighter on the ropes in round two, and a right hand to the temple area dropped Gurkov. Gurkov was able to beat the count, but was still dazed and the referee stopped the fight.

“I can say it was really lucky punch. Oliveira hit me in the back of the head. My mistake was that I jumped up too abruptly after that hit. I also thought, ‘yes, there is no such thing’. I haven’t turned off for a second. Got up so the down didn’t count and the legs didn’t keep me,” Gurkov said to ACB KB, when asked about the loss.

Gurkov also praised Oliveira for his dedication in training for their bout.

“I know how Oliveira was preparing for a fight with me, and he was preparing very seriously as the main of his life,” he said.

“Trained for three months, including a month in Holland and a month in Thailand. He passed great training fees and treated a like a real professional. He lived this fight. And the kick he won is the reward for his hard work in training. Brazilian seemed like a great guy to me. In respect of him, I don’t have any negativity. In the ring, he did his job at 100 %.”

Gurkov, 96-14, said he can still make the 70 kg weight limit, and may drop down or keep fighting in the higher weight category.

” I’m thinking about it now, the mood is great and I’m ready to continue my career,” he said.

(Translated from Russian)

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