Greece v China at Gods of War XII

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China’s Wu Lin Feng (WLF) organization regularly sends its fighters overseas to compete in challenges against kickboxers from other organizations and countries.

WLF fighters have competed in Romania, Canada, and also the United States, battling a team of fighters from promoter Dennis Warner’s WCK organization in Las Vegas.

This Sunday March 25, a WLF team will face some of Greece’s top fighters at the Gods of War XII: Greece vs China event taking place in Athens.

Promoted by Gods of War and Golden Fighter Kickboxing, the event will be broadcast live on the FightBox HD channel beginning at 20:30 local time (18:30 London, 14:30 New York).

The WLF team includes Hu Yafei, who competed in the KLF 70 kg Chinese tournament, and recently won by high kick knockout over a Russian opponent at WLF in December.

There are three kickboxing title fights scheduled, and the main event of the card is a WBO World Title boxing match between Christina Linardatou of Greece and Canadian Kandi Wyatt.

Here is the fight card (subject to change).

24 March, 2019
Gods of War XII: Greece vs China
Athens, Greece

Greece vs China

-60 kg: Olsjan Mesoutaj (Greece) vs Zhan Lan Pei (China)
-66 kg: Ilias Myrdini (Greece) vs Wang Pengfei (China)
-61 kg: Aggelos Giakoumis (Greece) vs Zhao Chongyang (China)
-67 kg: Stefanos Mpaglatsakos (Greece) vs Hu Yafei (China)
-81 kg: Nikos Tzotzos (Greece) vs Duoli Chen (China)
-51 kg: Fani Peloumpi (Greece) vs Zhu Qiong (China)

Title Fights

-69 kg: Dionysis Gkikas (Greece) vs Ji Xiang (China)-WKU Intercontinental Title
-77 kg: Giannis Sofokleous (Greece) vs Li Hui (China)-WKO Title
-71 kg: Giannis Boukis (Greece) vs Zhong Weipeng (China)-WLF Intercontinental and ISKA Intercontinental Titles

-70 kg: Nikos Gkikas (Greece) vs Wu Xuesong (China)

-140 lbs (Boxing): Christina Linardatou (Greece) vs Kandi Wyatt (Canada)-For the WBO World Womens Title

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