Golden Fighter: Romania vs Holland Results

Romanian promotion Golden Fighter Championship held its latest event Friday in Timisoara.

The fight card featured two WKU title bouts and a Romania vs Holland challenge series.

The action was broadcast on Pro X in Romania and FightBox internationally.

Here are results.

-80 kg: Flavius Nechita (Romania) def. Sorin Horvath (Romania)-TKO Round 3 (Low Kicks)
The opener was a back-and-forth battle in which both fighters were knocked to the canvas.

Nechita knocked down Horvath with a low kick late in the first round. Horvath (5-4, 3 KOs) battled back in round two, knocking down Horvath twice with left hands in the battle of southpaws.

Horvath punched himself out and Nechita was scoring with low kicks again late in the second round. In the third, Nechita worked the low kick and Horvath went down for the second time in the bout. He got up but the fight was waved off.

Nechita is now 1-1 (1 KO). In his pro debut, he accepted a fight on short notice and lost against Cosmin Ionescu, a champion in the Colosseum Tournament promotion.

-76 kg: Haris Ferizovic (Romania) def. Raul Kocsmaros (Romania)-Unanimous Decision
Ferizovic (19-3) landed the better strikes to earn a unanimous decision against Kocsmaros (1-2) in a bout that featured good action. Ferizovic was cut on the forehead between his eyebrows in the first round by an accidental elbow when Kocsmaros attempted a spinning backfist. He bled throughout the bout, but the cut wasn’t serious enough to stop the bout.

Romania vs Holland
Onur Sahin (Netherlands) def. Radu Medeleanu (Romania)-Split Decision
Sahin outworked Medeleanu to earn the split decision in the first Romania vs Holland match up.

Sahin landed a number of good shots on Medeleanu, who spent a lot of time with his back to the ropes and looked to slip and counter. There were no knockdowns and neither fighter was seriously stunned. Medeleanu dropped his gloves and let Sahin hit him to show his punches weren’t having a big effect.

-95 kg: Jimmy Omani (Netherlands) def. Alin Vacareanu (Romania)-Split Decision
Omani (11-1, 3 KOs) pressured the Romanian and outlanded Vacareanu (9-6, 3 KOs) to win the decision. Vacareanu had swelling near his left eye, and looked to land big left hands in the last round.

-72 kg: Gabriel Bozan (Romania) def. Dominique Pinas (Netherlands)-KO Round 3
Bozan (19-2, 6 KOs) started to scored with punches late in the second round, after Pinas (9-4, 2 KOs) seemed to edge round one with his work rate. Bozan knocked down Pinas with a right-hand punch early in round three after the Dutchman tried a jumping technique and walked into the shot. Bozan hurt Pinas with a punch combination then landed a knee that dropped Pinas for the KO win.

+95 kg: Muhammed Balli (Netherlands) def. Marius Munteanu (Romania)-Unanimous Decision
The Balli-Munteanu bout was one of the anticipated matches of the night-a bout between two rising heavyweights.

Balli (35-5, 23 KOs) scored an early knockdown with a left hand to the body after Munteanu (38-19-2, 19 KOs) tried a switch knee. Balli pushed the fight and got the better of the exchanges. It seemed he hurt Munteanu a couple more times with body punches but not enough to knock him down.

-88 kg: Michael Boapeh (Netherlands) def. Robert Constantin (Romania)-Unanimous Decision
The 19-year-old Boapeah (8-1, 3 KOs) mixed his punches, knees, and low kicks nicely in winning a unanimous decision against the tough Constantin (8-3, 4 KOs). The Dutch youngster was able to land clean right hands and some hard knees to the body. Constantin was bleeding from the nose by the second round. The Romanian landed a good shot here and there but it was a dominant performance by Boapeah.

Title Fights
-65 kg: Adrian Maxim (Romania) def. Petru Morari (Moldova)-Unanimous Decision (Maxim Wins WKU Europe Title)
Maxim (27-5) won the WKU Europe Title with a close win over previously unbeaten Morari (14-1). It seemed a close bout, with Morari using front kicks to the body and movement against his shorter opponent early. Maxim would open up with flurries near the end of the round. Maxim’s strikes carried more power and he won the decision.

-83 kg: Adrian Mitu (Romania) NO CONTEST Alexandridis Triantafillos (Greece)
The main event had a sudden and disappointing ending.

Early in round one, Mitu threw a low kick and injured his right foot. He was unable to keep weight on it and the fight was stopped.

After the bout, Triantafillos said he’d be willing to give Mitu a rematch.

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