Glory CEO Zelaznik: Wrong Decision, Meksen Deserves Rematch

Menezes Hand Raised in Shocking Decision

Glory Kickboxing CEO Marshall Zelaznik says the judges got it wrong, and former super bantamweight champion Anissa Meksen deserves a rematch with current titlist Jady Menezes.

Menezes defeated Meksen by highly controversial split decision Friday night in Denver at Glory 56. Meksen appeared to land the cleaner blows and outscore Menezes by a clear margin, yet two of the judges gave the decision to the aggressive Brazilian.

“I don’t think it was the right decision,” Zelaznik said to Glory correspondent Whitney Miller, in an interview published on the promotion’s YouTube channel. “You could come up with a way to try to justify it-with aggression.When you look at the punch stat numbers, it’s actually closer than maybe a lot of us think.”

“But on a round by round? Maybe you could give Menezes the first round. Maybe the third round,” he said. “I didn’t have it that way. I had it as a shutout (5-0 for Meksen).”

“It’s disappointing. It’s tough when these things happen. When you put it in the judges’ hands, this is what happens. So there’s a lot of disappointment, there’s a lot of elation. We now have two Brazilian champions.”

Miller asked Zelaznik what Meksen had to say when Zelaznik spoke with the French fighter after the bout.

““Look, they’re disappointed. It’s an emotional night. She was on an amazing run,” he said.

“It was funny. As the fight was ending, I thought to myself ‘wow, she is clearly the world dominant fighter in that weight class.’ That doesn’t change for me-the fact that she lost. But for them, they’re disappointed. They want a rematch. We’ll talk about it. We’ll find a way to try and make that happen. I think she’s entitled to it, and we should try to make it happen.”

Photo Courtesy of James Law/Glory Sports International

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