GLORY 67: Results

GLORY Kickboxing made its debut in Orlando, Florida Friday night.

Thailand’s Petchpanomrung Kiatmookao put on another masterful display in a unanimous decision win over Anvar Boynazarov to retain his GLORY World Featherweight Title.

D’Angelo Marshall defeated Jahfarr Wilnis in a battle of Dutch heavyweight contenders.

Teenage phenom Bekah Irwin won her second consecutive bout under the GLORY banner, while lightweight contender Elvis Gashi scored a sensational 23 second stoppage win.

GLORY 67 Results and Recaps
-Featherweight: Petchpanomrung Kiatmookao (Thailand) def. Anvar Boynazarov (Uzbekistan)-Unanimous Decision (Retains GLORY Featherweight Title)
Kiatmookao, better known as “Petch” won a shutout unanimous decision over second-ranked Boynazarov to successfully retain his title for the second time. The Thai southpaw stayed at distance and used his body kick, low kick, and front kicks effectively.

Boynazarov’s game plan seemed to be to wait for openings to try and land big punches. He was never able to connect with a big shot to change the outcome. All judges gave the Thai champion every single round (50-45).

-Featherweight: Asa Ten Pow (United States) def. Houssam El Kasri (Morocco)-Unanimous Decision
Fighting before a big crowd of supporters, Florida’s Ten Pow (10-1, 5 KOs) got the win but didn’t get the knockout he was looking for. Ten Pow knocked down the Moroccan with a right hand in round one. Ten Pow continued to attack and look for a big technique throughout the bout, and threw a good number of spin kicks. El Kasri (2-3, 2 KOs) landed some good kicks in the match, but it was a clear win for Ten Pow. Scores were 30-26 (three times) for Ten Pow.

-Heavyweight: D’Angelo “Big Papa” Marshall (Curacao) def. Jahfarr Wilnis (Netherlands)-Unanimous Decision
Marshall started the bout well. “Big Papa” landed a good right uppercut early that got Wilnis’s attention, and did some nice work with his hands-scoring up the middle and around Wilnis’s guard. He mixed in some knees to the Dutchman’s midsection. Wilnis turned the tables in round two. A right hand appeared to hurt Marshall, and Wilnis was more effective and seemed to stun Marshall again later in the round. The bout was even after two rounds.

In the third, Marshall outworked a tiring Wilnis to get the win. All three judges had it 29-28 for Marshall. In his post-fight interview, Marshall said he’d like rematches with fellow contenders Benjamin Adegbuyi and Jamal Ben Saddik. Both Adegbuyi and Ben Saddik hold stoppage wins over the Curacao fighter.

-Lightweight: Elvis Gashi (United States) def. Justin “J Ho” Houghton (United States)-KO Round 1 (Body Kick)
Gashi’s return to GLORY after an eleven-month absence was a short one. Gashi (23-0, 11 KOs) caught Houghton (11-7, 3 KOs) with a left body-kick early in round one to score the quick stoppage. The kick landed under the elbow, and ended the fight at the 23 second mark.

Gashi told commentator Todd Grisham after the bout that he’d like a shot at lightweight champion Marat Grigorian, but he may have to wait a little while. Moroccan-Dutch contender Tyjani Beztati has won three in a row since his unsuccessful challenge of former champ Sitthichai last year, and is currently ranked second behind the Thai in the ratings.

-Featherweight Abraham Vidales (Mexico) def. Trevor Ragin (United States)-Unanimous Decision
Ragin (7-6, 3 KOs) came after Vidales early, and ate a couple of good body kicks and punches. Ragin landed a right hand that stunned the Mexican momentarily. Vidales mixed his punches and kicks nicely, throwing punches upstairs then kicks to the body. Vidales (14-0, 11 KOs) continued to do good work in round two, landing some flurries of body punches and mixing his kicks nicely. The Mexican continued to get the better of the action in round three, landing a couple of good right hands over the top and more body punches and kicks. Scores were 30-27 on all three scorecards.

GLORY 67 Superfight Series
-Featherweight: Kevin VanNostrand (United States) def. Serhii Adamchuk (Ukraine)-Unanimous Decision
Former interim champion VanNostrand (19-3, 12 KOs) put his name back into title shot conversation with an impressive unanimous decision win over former champion Adamchuk (38-11, 14 KOs). VanNostrand switched stances on the outside, and sometimes rushed in to close distance. VanNostrand landed some good knees to the body on the inside and a couple of upstairs. Adamchuk’s best strikes were with his punches, but he was outworked. Scores were 29-28 twice and 30-27. Adamchuk was the top-ranked contender heading into the bout, and VanNostrand said he’d like to face the winner of the Petch-Boynazarov title bout next.

-Super Bantamweight: Rebekah “Bekah” Irwin (United States) def. Taylor Jenkins (United States)-Unanimous Decision
Teenage phenom Irwin showcased some of the skills that made her an amateur Muay Thai standout. She landed middle kicks effectively when Jenkins got into range, and also grabbed and landed some hard knees to the body.

Irwin (6-2, 1 KO) continued to control distance effectively. Jenkins (0-1), a professional boxer, had some moments in round three when she landed a few good punches. Another good win for Irwin, who is only eighteen and should continue to progress.

All three judges scored the bout 30-27. Irwin said after the bout she’d like to face someone in the top ten next.

-Lightweight: Peter Stanonik (United States) def. Vince McGuinness (United States)-Unanimous Decision
Southpaw Stanonik dropped McGuinness (1-3, 1 KO) with a well-placed right hook late in round one. He got hit with a knee upstairs and a couple of good shots when he tried to follow up. Stanonik continued to come forward, and McGuinness had some good moments-he was able to slip and counter effectively at times and also landed a couple of knees. Stanonik improved to 7-0 by scores of 30-26 on all three judges’ scorecards. After the bout, he told commentator Joseph Valtellini he’d like to face Justin “J Ho” Houghton next.

-Welterweight: Ross Levine (United States) def. Thomas Diagne (France)-KO Round 1 (High Kick)
Quick win for former karate champion Levine (3-0, 3 KOs). After landing a couple of good punches, Levine soon landed a high kick that dropped Diagne (10-4). Referee Dave Smith waved off the bout before finishing his count. Official time was 43 seconds of round one.

-Lightweight: Keemaan Diop (United States) def. John Morehouse (United States)-Unanimous Decision
Diop controlled the action in all three rounds. A couple of good shots early had Morehouse trying to figure out how to get into range. Diop landed low kicks effectively, and also knees to the body at close range. Morehouse began to tire in round two. In round three, Diop continued to get the better of the action but Morehouse kept coming forward. A good win for Diop (3-1, 2 KOs), who lost a split-decision in his GLORY debut in February. Morehouse (10-10) is 0-2 in GLORY. Scores were 30-27 across the board.

GLORY 67 Prelims
-Lightweight: Nick Chasteen (United States) def. Javanis Ross (United States)-TKO Round 2 (Injury)
Chasteen (10-4) dominated round one. He landed at least 15 low kicks on late substitute Ross, and knocked him down with a right hand. The game Ross made it to the bell. Ross went down in round two after he hurt his leg after Chasteen checked a kick, and couldn’t continue.

Chasteen improves to 2-1 in GLORY, with his only loss via decision to contender Elvis Gashi. It was Ross’s GLORY debut.

-Welterweight: Taylor Krahl (United States) def. Paul Banasiak (United States)-Majority Decision
Krahl (6-2, 5 KOs) had the edge in round one, landing a couple of good counter punches and inside low kicks. Banasiak became more aggressive in round two, but ate some good shots and lost the round on two judges’ scorecards. To make matters worse for Banasiak, he was docked a point for his third errant low blow.

Behind on points, Banasiak (10-6) landed a good left body kick in round three, and followed up with knees to the body and head on the tiring Krahl. Krahl showed his toughness in not going down and hung on to get the win. Scores were 29-27, 28-27, 28-28.

It was a successful GLORY debut for Krahl. The hard-luck Banasiak is now 0-4 in GLORY, but three of the losses have been via majority or split decision.

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