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In the end, Cedric Doumbe backed up his talk.

The French-Cameroonian fighter had said for weeks he was the “real champ”, and Doumbe showed it Saturday with a second-round TKO stoppage over Harut Grigorian to regain the GLORY World Welterweight Title.

After edging round one, a big Doumbe right hand stunned Grigorian in round two, before another right hand dropped the Armenian.

After Grigorian got up, Doumbe had Harut in trouble in the corner, and Grigorian turned his back and the referee stepped in for an eight count. Doumbe thought the fight was over and exited the ring, before he was alerted the fight was not over and came back.

The long rest didn’t help Grigorian. Doumbe soon hurt Grigorian again, and the fight was halted.

Doumbe previously held the title, but lost it to Murthel Groenhart in 2017. His number one challenger is Alim Nabiyev, who previously defeated Doumbe on points last year at GLORY 51.

Meksen Defeats Van Soest Again
In the other title bout on the card, Anissa Meksen once again won a points victory over former champion Tiffany Van Soest. Meksen won the title by unanimous decision from Van Soest in December 2017.

Heading into the rematch, you wondered what Van Soest could do differently against Meksen, who is taller and excellent at controlling distance and countering.

Van Soest fell behind early as Meksen outscored her with counter punches and low kicks. The American began to work knees to the body more on the inside, and attempted a few back fists but none landed cleanly. She did better than the first bout, but Meksen seemed a clear winner again. One judge gave the decision to Van Soest, but the four other judges voted for Meksen.

In the Super Series main event, Alim Nabiyev won a close decision over Murthel Groenhart.

Mike Lemaire made a successful homecoming to France. The veteran, who was born in France and resides in San Diego, wore down Arian Sadikovic to win a decision.

Lemaire’s knees to the body took a toll on the hard-hitting Sadikovic, who had a good first round before the French fighter began backing him up and took control in round two.

Full Results Below:

09 March, 2018

-Welterweight: Cedric Doumbe (France) def. Harut Grigorian (Armenia)-TKO Round 2 (Doumbe Wins GLORY World Welterweight Title)
-Super Bantamweight: Anissa Meksen (France) def. Tiffany Van Soest (USA)-Split Decision (Meksen Retains GLORY World Super Bantamweight Title)
-Heavyweight: D’Angelo Marshall (Curacao) def. Daniel Skvor (Czech Republic)-KO Round 3 (Right Hand)
-Light Heavyweight: Donegi Abena (Suriname) def. Michael Duut (Netherlands)-Split Decision

GLORY 64 Superfight Series
-Welterweight: Alim Nabiyev (Azerbaijan) def. Murthel Groenhart (Netherlands)-Split Decision
-Light Heavyweight: Zinedine Hameur-Lein (France) def. Artur Gorlov (Latvia)-Disqualification Round 1
-Featherweight: Anvar Boynazarov (Uzbekistan) def. Abdellah Ezbiri (France)-Unanimous Decision
-Middleweight: Mike Lemaire (France) def. Arian Sadikovic (Bosnia)-Split Decision
-Middleweight: Donovan Wisse (Suriname) def. Matěj Peňáz (Czech Republic)-KO Round 2 (Body Punch)
-Featherweight: Aleksei Ulianov (Russian Federation) def. Massaro Glunder (Moluccan Republic)-Unanimous Decision

GLORY 64 Prelims
-Lightweight: Michaël Palandre (France) def. Guerric Billet (France)-Split Decision
-Middleweight: Ertugrul Bayrak (Turkey) def. Jakob Styben (Germany)-Split Decision
-Super Bantamweight: Sarah Moussaddak (France) def. Jiwaen Lee (South Korea)-Split Decision
-Welterweight: Dani Traore (Germany) def. Jeremy Antonio (France)-TKO Round 2 (Maximum Knockdown Rule)
-Featherweight: River Daz (Australia) def. Vincent Foschiani (Germany)-Split Decision
-Middleweight: Mathieu Ceva (France) def. Daniel Krost (France)-Split Decision

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