Glory 60 Results

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Glory 60 took place Saturday in Lyon, France.

Former welterweight champion Cedric Doumbe stayed busy for a future title shot with a unanimous decision win against Jimmy Vienot in an entertaining battle. In the Superfight Series main event, Brazilian Felipe Micheletti made a successful Glory debut with a surprise TKO win over French favorite Zinedine Hameur-Lain.

Glory 60 Main Card Results
-Welterweights (77 kg): Cedric Doumbe (FRA) def. Jimmy Vienot (FRA)-Unanimous Decision
Doumbe couldn’t continue his knockout streak, but the former welterweight champion was able to knock down late substitute Vienot twice in an entertaining all-French battle. Doumbe opened up with punches early, and dropped Vienot with a good right hand. Doumbe kept up his attack, and Vienot seemed to stun him with a knee to the body. Vienot was warned by referee Paul Nicholls for trips. Vienot had a better round two, keeping distance and firing his left body kick. Doumbe dropped Vienot early in round three with another right hand. He couldn’t finish off Vienot, who lost a point for illegal trips. Doumbe improves to 71-1-6(41). Vienot is now 69-16(35).

-Light Heavyweights (95 kg): Donegi Abena (SUR) def. Stéphane Susperregui (FRA)-Unanimous Decision
The 20-year-old Abena made a successful Glory debut, using pressure and a body punching attack en route to a unanimous points win. Susperregui had a better third round as Abena began to tire. Scores were 29-28 (four scorecards) and 30-27. Abena improves to 23-0-5(6). Susperregui is now 48-2-9.

-Middleweights (85 kg): Yousri Belgaroui (TUN) def.Yassine Ahaggan (FRA)-KO Round 1 (Knees to Body)
In his first fight since a devastating knockout loss to middleweight king Alex Pereira, Belgaroui didn’t take long to dispose of Ahaggan. Belgaroui finished Ahaggan with a knee to the body after hurting him. Official time was 1:22. Belgaroui improves to 25-0-5(13). Ahaggan suffers his seventh loss to slip to 33-0-7.

-Super Bantamweights (55 kg): Sofia Olofsson (SWE) def. Cindy Silvestre (FRA)-Unanimous Decision
Olofsson, who gave former champion Tiffany van Soest a battle at Glory 55, imposed her will on France’s Silvestre, winning a one-sided unanimous decision. Scores were 30-27 across the board. The Swedish fighter landed body kicks, punches, and knees to the game Silvestre, but couldn’t land a knockdown or knockout shot. Oloffson improves to 48-0-8(24). Silvestre: 46-0-25(5).

-Featherweights (65 kg): Abdellah Ezbiri (FRA) def. Victor Pinto (FRA)-KO Round 1 (Spinning Back Kick)
The two fighters felt each out early. Ezbiri threw a jab and stepped back. He then threw a spinning back kick that landed cleanly on the right side of Pinto’s body near the liver area. Pinto went down in pain and referee Paul Nicholls didn’t need to finish the count. Official time was 1:03 of round one. Ezbiri improves to 47-1-13(14). Pinto: 76-0-30(23).

Glory 60 Superfight Series Results
-Light Heavyweights (95 kg): Felipe Micheletti (BRA) def. Zinedine Hameur-Lain (FRA)-TKO Round 1 (Injury)
In an upset, Brazilian Micheletti defeated a lethargic Hameur-Lain, hurting him with punches near the end of round one. Between rounds, the bout was halted due to Hameur-Lein being unable to continue because of some type of hip injury. Micheletti did the better work in round one, controlling distance effectively and landing some good strikes. Micheletti improves to 15-0-7(5). Hameur-Lein is now 60-0-16.

-Heavyweights: Bruno Chaves (BRA) def. Mamadou Lamine Sene (FRA)-TKO Round 2 (Cut Eye)
Chavez had the advantage after two rounds in a match up of two young heavyweights. The bigger Brazilian connected with some clean right hands on Sene. Sene was cut in round two by a knee, and the bout was halted between rounds. Mamadou was warned in round one for a head butt. Chaves improves to 24-0-1(11). Senes slips to 12-0-3(12).

-Middleweights (85 kg): Matěj Peňáz (CZE) def. Mehdi Bouanane (FRA)-TKO 2(Retirement in Corner)
Czech southpaw Penaz lit up Bouanane with his boxing in round one, and Bouanane twice went down to the canvas. In round two, Penaz cut the Frenchman with a knee upstairs, with Bouanane bleeding from the nose and the eye. The fight was stopped between rounds after the doctor examined Bouanane. Penaz improves to 21-0-2(10). Mehdi is now 22-0-10(12).

-Welterweights (77 kg): Dmitrii Menshikov (RUS) def. Samuel Dbili (FRA)-TKO Round 1
Impressive debut for the 20-year-old Russian fighter. Menshikov fights out of the same camp as Glory light heavyweight king Artem Vakhitov. Dbili had a height advantage, and fired low kicks and punches early. Menshikov got into range and started to land. With Dbili in the corner, the Russian unloaded with some punches and knocked the Frenchman down. Dbili arose but was still in trouble. Menshikov dropped him twice more for the TKO win. Menshikov improves to 20-0-2.

-Lightweights (70 kg): Michael Palandre (FRA) def. Mohamed Soumah (FRA)-TKO Round 2 (Injury)
Palandre knocked down Soumah with a right hand over the top in round one, and scored another knockdown with a combination before the bell. In round two, Soumah threw a right punch and injured his shoulder, and the fight was stopped due to injury. Official time was 50 seconds. Palandre looked impressive and his record is now 26-0-2(10). Soumah slips to 27-0-4(8).

Glory 60 Prelims Results
-Featherweights (65 kg): Thong Fairtex (THA) def. Victor Bordage (FRA)-Unanimous Decision
Touted Thai Fairtex made a successful Glory debut, using his left leg effectively to earn a unanimous decision victory. Thong fought out of the southpaw stance and fired the left leg to the body and head. Bordage pressured Thong and had a better third round but Thong controlled distance and tempo. Thong improves to 66-3-20(25).

-Lightweights (70 kg): Mehdi Kada (FRA) def. Mustafa Yasar (FRA)-TKO Round 2
Kada was stunned by a Yasar left hook in round one. In round two, he was able to connect with a flurry of punches on the taller Yasar, knocking him to the canvas. Kada followed up, and landed a knee to the body in the clinch, that again dropped Yasar. Yasar was in pain on the canvas and the bout was waved off. Kada improves to 14-0-3(5). Yasar suffered his third loss to slip to 12-1-3(5).

-Lightweights (70 kg): Guerric Billet (FRA) def. Hafid Romdhane (FRA)-TKO Round 3
Billet picked apart Romdhane, wearing down his opponent with low kicks and hurting him with punches before finishing off his fellow Frenchman in round 3. Billet showed good straight punches, and finished his combinations with low kicks. The low kicks affected Romdhane’s balance, and the veteran resorted to trying to crowd Billet. In round two, Romdhane’s balance was bad and he was hurt by some punches. In round three, Billet finished the bout with a nice combination sending Romdhane to the canvas. Romdhane beat the count but the referee stopped the fight. Billet, who won his sixth straight, improves to 30-0-2(14). Romdhane is now 78-4-11(32).

-Featherweights (65 kg): Said Ahamada (FRA) def. Geoffrey Vivies (FRA)-Split Decision
Vivies was the fresher fighter late and got the better of it in round three, but couldn’t overcome the early lead built up by Ahamada. Ahamada was the fighter coming forward more early. Close fight. Scores were 29-28 for Ahamada on three scorecards, with two judges dissenting with 30-27 and 29-28 for Vivies. Ahamada improves to 23-0-5(11). Vivies is now 8-0-5(3).

-Featherweights (65 kg): Yoann Mermoux (FRA) def. Franck Reoutzkoff (FRA)-Unanimous Decision
The opener was a well matched bout between two French fighters. Mermoux outscored Reoutzkoff over the course of the three rounds to win a unanimous decision by scores of 30-27 (three times) and 29-28 (twice). Mermoux improves to 26-0-10. Reoutzkoff is now 63-0-12.

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