Glory 50 Fight Report: Grigorian Dethrones Groenhart in Stunner

Harut Grigorian shocked the oddsmakers and defending welterweight champion Murthel Groenhart, avenging his controversial loss last year with an emphatic first round knockout

Groenhart won their previous encounter last year with a controversial punch while Grigorian’s back was turned to score the win. This time, it was Grigorian’s power punches that settled the score, earning the Belgian-Armenian the welterweight crown.

“Definitely there was payback time,” Grigorian said in the postfight interview

Grigorian was more patient than in their fight last year, sizing Murthel up and throwing low kicks. Groenhart looked to land his big punch and attempted a flying knee. Later in the round, Groenhart’s back was against the ropes, and Grigorian worked body and head with punches and dropped Murthel. Murthel got up and was still hurt and referee Chris Wagner waved the fight off after Grigorian landed some follow up shots.

Groenhart was classy in defeat. “He was the sharpest one. I take my loss as a man. By this one, I congratulate Harut Grigorian,” he said.

Groenhart was a big favorite with the oddsmakers based on their last fight. But Grigorian fought smarter this time, and when he got the opportunity he pounced and earned championship gold and avenged previous defeats to Groenhart.

Benny Adegbuyi KO2 Junior Tafa (Heavyweight Tournament Final)
Guto Inocente was ruled out of the tournament final due to the cut suffered against Tafa. Tafa then got the call to face Adegbuyi for the tournament final. Tafa came out looking to land a big punch. Benny kept his guard high and landed some hard unchecked low kicks. Late in the round, Benny threw a quick combo upstairs and ended with a low kick that knocked Tafa down. Tafa got up and was knocked down by another low kick. In the second round, Adegbuyi followed a jab with another low kick that felled Tafa for the third time. The fight was stopped at the 34 second mark of round two. That’s three Glory tournament wins for the Romania native Adegbuyi.

“That’s right baby. Some respect. I told you I’m going to add this trophy to my collection. Hi Romania,”. Adegbuyi said in the postfight interview, before dedicating the fight to Romania and Romanians. Adegbuyi also said he’s willing to fight training partner and heavyweight champion Rico Verhoeven. Benny is now 30-5(17). Tafa is 18-3(14).

Richard Abraham UD3 Malik Watson-Smith
“Maximus” Abraham earned local bragging rights with a points win over fellow Chicagoan Watson-Smith. An accidental clash of heads cut Abraham over the right eye early in round one, and Watson-Smith used body kicks and teeps to keep distance as Abraham tried to get inside and use his hands. Abraham was able to get inside more in the second and used his boxing skills. A tiring Watson-Smith was docked two points for holding by referee Chris Wagner in the third round. “C’mon brutha,” Wagner admonished Watson-Smith. Watson-Smith couldn’t keep Abraham off and grabbed and grabbed. Scores were 30-25 and 29-26 on the four other scorecards.

Guto Inocente UD3 Junior Tafa (Heavyweight Tournament Semifinal)
Inocente was the aggressor and outlanded Tafa to earn a three round decision in the second heavyweight battle. Tafa’s main strategy was to be patient and wait to catch Inocente with his big right hand. Inocente countered Tafa’s punches with a couple of good leg kicks, and also tried some jumping knees but nothing major landed. Tafa was able to land some punches that busted Inocente up, but the 21 year old was not busy enough.  Late in the third, Tafa yelled at Inocente to come on, and Inocente did just that and landed a couple of good punches. Inocente is now 35-8(17). Tafa is 18-2(14). The scores were 30-27 and 29-28 (four times) for Inocente, who was cut in the fight over the left eye.

Benny Adegbuyi KO1 D’Angelo Marshall (Heavyweight Tournament Semifinal)
The two heavyweights started quickly, and the fight ended quickly. After a separation, Marshall threw a jab and Adeguyi landed a beauty of a right hand that landed in the ear area and dropped Marshall onto his stomach. The referee didn’t bother to finish the count. Official stoppage time was 36 seconds. Benny Adegbuyi upped his record to 29-5(17). Marshall’s three fight win streak is snapped and his record slips to 17-3(9).

“I didn’t search for it (the knockout). He wanted to come too aggressive,” Adegbuyi told reporter Whitney Miller in the postfight interview.

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