Ghita: Vondracek “Heart of a Great Warrior”

After defeating fellow K-1 veteran Petr Vondracek Friday at the Colosseum Tournament XI gala in Romania, Daniel Ghita praised his rival in a social media post.

Ghita scored two eight counts on Vondracek before he knocked him to his knees with a nasty left hook later in the first round. The bout was stopped by the referee after.

Vondracek, 41, absorbed some big shots from the Romanian, reputed to be one of the sport’s hardest kickers and punchers.

Vondracek took a hard body kick early in the fight, and then had his nose bloodied by a Ghita punch. After he received the second eight count, Vondracek went for broke before getting stopped. His courage earned him praise from the crowd and also Ghita.

“Thank you Petr Vondracek! You show the heart of a great warrior! You have all My respect for you, Peter! This is real kickboxing. You got all respect From romanian fans. Thank you, warrior!”

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