Daniel Ghita and Benjamin Adegbuyi Offered Boxing Fight to Settle Differences

Colosseum Tournament

In the past few months, former K-1 and GLORY contender Daniel Ghita and current GLORY contender Benjamin Adegbuyi have engaged in heated words on social media.

Now, a Romanian promoter is giving the feuding parties an opportunity to settle their differences in the ring.

In a boxing match.

Colosseum Tournament promoter Gabriel Georgescu announced today he’s made offers to the fighters to face one another in a boxing-rules fight.

Here is the translated (from Romanian) version of the press release.

“Press release

The Colosseum Tournament informs you that today, July 9, 2019, Daniel Ghita and Benny Adegbuyi were officially invited to participate in a boxing match at the event this autumn. The invitations were extremely clear in terms of discipline, opponent, scholarship and payment method, both athletes receiving similar offers. We are waiting for the official responses from both fighters, answers that we will immediately communicate to the public as they will be sent to the Colosseum Tournament.

Promoter Georgescu Ion Gabriel”

Why a boxing match when Ghita and Adegbuyi are the two best heavyweight kickboxers in Romania, not to mention in the top 10 or 20 in the entire world?

Fans responded to the Colosseum announcement with the very same question.

Apparently, Adegbuyi has restrictions because of his kickboxing contract, so the next best thing is a boxing fight. Adegbuyi is unbeaten in professional boxing and has been in training camps with heavyweight contender Tyson Fury. According to Georgescu, Ghita also has boxing experience.

The press release was issued a few hours ago. No response yet from either Adegbuyi or Ghita.

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