Ghita Accepts Offer to Box Adegbuyi

Daniel Ghita In Corner During Fight

Last week, Colosseum Tournament promoter Gabriel Georgescu sent written offers to GLORY contender Benjamin Adegbuyi and Romanian legend Daniel Ghita to face one another in a boxing match.

The two fighters have exchanged words since last year, with Ghita referring to Adegbuyi as “a wolf without fangs” and taunting him about his knockout loss to an injured Jamal Ben Saddik at GLORY 62 last December.

Adegbuyi meanwhile has referred to Ghita as “old” and a “no one”.

According to posts on social media, Adegbuyi has restrictions in his GLORY contract that prevent him from meeting Ghita under kickboxing rules.

Ghita has now officially accepted Georgescu’s offer to box Adegbuyi.

“I accept the Colloseum challenge, come to the box then you win, you are the best,” Ghita wrote on Facebook over the weekend.

Adegbuyi meanwhile has not officially rejected or accepted Georgescu’s offer, and not mentioned the bout at all on his social media accounts.

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