FFC 34 Weights from Las Vegas

FFC 34 Petje-Gazani Fight Poster

Final Fight Championship (FFC) 34 takes place tonight Friday November 16 at the Rio Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. FFC 34 will be broadcast on the CBS Sports Network-check listings.

The main event is a kickboxing title bout. FFC Lightweight Champion Samo Petje of Slovenia defends his crown against Bruno Gazani of Brazil, who holds a title in the WGP organization.

Here are the weights, courtesy of FFC:

MMA) Heavyweight Division
Marius Cantoneru (0-1-0), Las Vegas, NV/Romania, 219 lbs.
Zac Cavender (Pro Debut), Tooele, UT, 212.4 lbs.

(Kickboxing) Catchweight Bout
Jermaine “J.J.” Soto (24-6-0), Los Angeles, CA, 153.8 lbs.
Meletis “Nightmare” Kakoubavas (32-7-0), Athens, Greece, 155.2 lbs.

(Boxing) Super Lighweight Division
Isaac “Blue” Luna (3-0-0), El Paso, TX, 143.4 lbs
Kevin “Thunderstorm” Johnson (5-1-0), Las Vegas, NV, 144 lbs.

(Co-Main Event – MMA) Heavyweight Division
D.J. “Da Protege” Linderman (21-14-0), Yreka, CA, 264.2 lbs.
Tony “Hulk” Johnson (11-4-1), Nashville, TN, 265.6 lbs

(Main Event – Kickboxing) FFC Lightweight Title Bout
Bruno Gazani (60-6-0), Brazil, 154.4 lbs.
[Defending Champion] Samo Petje (35-6-1), Slovenia, 154.8 lbs.

FFC lightweight champion Samo Petje and challenger Bruno Gazani pose with FFC CEO Orsat Zovko. Picture courtesy of Sergey Baranov/Final Fight Championship.

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